Sunday, July 3, 2016

Unmaking of tortilla with corn flour

I'm on my cooking spree, it has been bread & jam or noodles for too long. Now that I have grown a taste for cheese I bought a lot of cheese and started googling recipes that includes cheese. I started out with cheese sauce for nachos, I liked nachos more than sauce cause I didn't get it right the first time. In nachos I found a good evening snack, so moved into salsa or mayo or even thick salad dressing as I found it easier to arrange than cook.

Inevitably I came back to stove when I wanted to eat pasta after having mouth watering conversations with Dewang. I wanted to make pasta with sauce or cheese of my choice also privilege of eating pasta in India is mostly reserved for those people who works in corporate and goes out for casual dinner and lunch were they don't need to pay bill. Cooking at home gives me the opportunity to introduce such cuisine to my parents.

I started cooking pasta and sauce, once I made the cheese sauce curdy and the other day I forgot to add enuf cheese to mac'n cheese :lol: But we all ate it like it is the best, most possibly we did that becoz we didn't know how the original dish tasted like. I didn't give a shit about Parsley, Basil or Oregano I just over loaded it with mint and garlic and taste was just fine. My sis was so happy with the taste that she asked me to make a dish for my niece birthday! oh wow! I made them Nacho and salsa, I was still working on sauce so skipped to Caesars dressing :D and it worked like magic.

With Nachos came the lost love for Mexican food, and accidentally I bought too much of corn flour. I searched "corn flour mexican recipes" and voila the first result was 'Tortilla' only a day back I heard Fluffy saying "Indian love Naans, its fluffy version of Tortilla, We (Mexican) and them (Indian) have much similarities". Then I zeroed on how I'd going to serve the tortilla, 'as a wrap with cooked quinoa, mushroom & capsicum with cilantro pepita pesto', I immediately wanted to empty the jar of 400g corn flour and make tortilla! Nope, nope with experience on experimenting comes modesty I used 1/3 of what we got and started to make dough for tortilla and started to realize that this dough is not going to be like the dough we make for roti.

Youtube again, I watched like 3 videos to just prepare dough for tortilla I was just doing similar to what they were telling. Always remember in cooking there cannot be a standard proceed minor adjustments are always accepted and sometimes they turn out to be even cooler than original recipe. When I realized things are outta my hand, I called out for the most experienced hand, my mom; she tried sometime and decide to add maida to make the patham* right for making dough. And tortilla as I still called it like that came out in smaller sizes, Largest one was of one jaan^ in diameter.

I over sauteed mushroom and it became small in size, capsicum and quinoa came out just fine. Now for the arrangement I took each tortilla, applied pesto coat and arranged mushroom, capsicum and quinoa and wrapped and presented. The stuffing were too heavy for small tortilla to hold, still it turned out to be just fine. Yes I made taco instead of wrap. Once everything it done I googled again "making tortilla" and I found the corn flour != corn meal != Masa harina!!!!! It is Masa harina that I should have used, even corn meal can be called ingredient,, corn flour is just a fucking thickener for soups or any just liquid dish that you want to be served in semi state! :-/

Later I found in another article telling that Masa harina is also grinned corn but they grinned only after treating corn with lime (treat? what? Critical treatment or only dressing o.O ). Spotted another article telling that if you have only corn flour you can add equal amount of all purpose flour that I'd read as maida to make tortilla! Oh! mommy! you are genius

* Patham - indicated the form on dough. Patham is a Tamil word, it has context meaning and generally denotes the form on object in context. In context of dough it should be easily made into balls without breaking or sticking.

^ Jaan - length between tip of thumb and small finger when they are kept part by stretching.