Thursday, December 24, 2015

The rolling potato and limbs

It has been an year and a month. There was a lot of confusion round that time, everyone wanted a piece to be name it after them and I was too curious to know if the nose would remain squashed or if would fluff out and be bit pointy as mine, nothing really mattered for me. Days started to roll, then weeks, then months; now when we look back and it had been quite tiresome and sleepless. Wonder if Moods would give me a cut of profit if I had made 'a second a day' video till date and made it into a campaign.

Practially my niece was brought up in our home all the crawling and oogly woogly moves was not new to me, maybe that's why it excites my wife too often that she gets irritated that I don't. But the way this guy moves around with stretched arms is way too amusing! Carries his mom smile, an awkward open mouth but without teeth now it looks even more funny on this face.

His preferences are pretty straight. High speed fan, one or two blankets based on weather, hates diaper and shames you by peeing on our hands when we take off diaper, I think he has misunderstood the purpose of diaper; never takes a pee or poo while wearing one. No bright ligth or noisy toys, he prefers to make the 'bang' noise all by himself. Might sound stereotypical but he loves cars than dolls, not just the miniatures.

I carried funny tags describing my round head, subtly 'laddu' or literally 'urunda manda' and he has all that required, infact additional qualifications to inherit the titles and yes he is chubby and lovely that I want to bite him without harming. It is after all no brainer that he'd become one, his mom carries similar titles too but that nose was still a worry for me and it apparently became the nightmare of my life. I wonder what resides inside his head and how he is going to put it to use, will he be a politician or something... ppl tend to treat their children as play dough and make one figure that they wanted to be, or maybe a carnatic singer.

Personally played a good amount of role that he would listen to rhymes that are soothing and calm, I specially recommend the Super Simple Learning creations the color palettes are calming and the minimalistic characters are cool. No prize for guessing he is attracted to my dad's ringtone which is a fast devotional number of Ayyappa. My mom has made a point to take him to temple daily and inject devotion as she does to rest of us, I don't see him resisting but what worries me is that he pulls me and wants me to participate whenever I'm available.

Learned our work schedule, has figured out the weekday vs weekend dressing. You can't simply start from home in bike if you are not going to office, it'll be very interesting to know how he differentiates us going to work and other going out. When it come to being materialistic (not in a negative tone) he has managed to out run me. While he doesn't have a favorite toy, my mom's purse is under his control even if she has to open it! it is adorable when he shoos off others. Strange but he happily gives up his toys for other kids, quite strange.

It was a poor sight to see him cry when too much of attention was poured on him. It was his birthday party, yes, but still he wanted to run, giggle and live on his world. Smile for camera, respect the elder, get kissed by strangers was never on to-do list; He was like let me live my life, on my leg, literally he wanted to be on his legs. The best character he had inheritted, it runs in the family my dad, grand dad they choose what to do with life; so did I, signs out he'd do the same.

And my nightmare became apparent, the nose, its not pointy it blunt and bulged and reminds too much of a face that I don't wish to be reminded often. It is going to be teribble for me to make a lovable hug with that nose sticked on, God knows how much I wish to re-model it. Its been... like 2 months since he has started to run, coz walking is for average, he runs the crap out. It is such a mesmerising sight to see him shake his head and make an awkward run covering two rooms and still giggle. It is a mixture of pee-a-boo and catch-me funny, crazy, stupid, loving, adorable all at the same time. Does more than enough to attract everyones attention

Talking about attention, I was texting while carrying him on my hands, it didn't take him great amount of time for him to grab my chin and turn my face to face him. He was not doing his open mouth smile, a fixed gaze, sharp piercing my morale; well I had to drop the phone and bring back the smile on his face, no excuses what-so-ever. I'm not launching any campaings... let there me more adorable potatoes on earth.