Friday, October 16, 2015

October rambling

Straight enough*

It is true that Hockey was never India's national sport, or that India never had a national sport. But to abandon a sport which brought such glory to us in past is but a sin. I don't remember last time I saw any NEWS media, print or digital airing the success story of India in Newzealand as much as random guy with mic yelling at MS Dhoni! Do you realize the amount of negativity the media is dumping on us these days, wish I can go back to DD era.

If not cricket the Bollywood and money plays us around ISL! Goddamn! one guy wanted to know who plays quarter-back for Chennai !meh! Yes Google results are polarized, you should probably search for soccer and learn the position :@ Why would you even want to? you are fat and fag get back to photo-editor and update it in all networks

Sleepless Nights

Yes I know Dr. Kamala Hasan is making a Tamil movie based on the Sleepless Nights of Hollywood, but no I was not talking about it. Its our lovely prince, I know that feeling of being bulled by over-expression of the affection in social networking sites by almost every parent who showers love on their child(at least before camera). Lets get it straight IT IS NOT PRINCE, ITS IS SON. So this adamant guy who sprung in my bedroom, won't let me sleep!

For all the wet cloth and stinking diaper and for the goodness of giggles and charm 'Give him some sleeping dose!'. Intrusion has gone to such a level that I'm not allowed to watch movies anymore as he clings onto his rhymes. Laptop? huh... I don't understand how but these newborns are so hooked up to Smart phone and Laptop at least we were not so till 15 years old or so. My niece loves to see breaking phone, dopamine or something... she tap on phone, picks and smacks till the back cover, battery and phone are visibily apart.


Holiday is suppose to give you relaxation, I just gave up by content by using the word suppose. Surprisingly I'm not using "any adjective" that which is considered as a common problem with bloggers, yeah I know you don't even consider me a blogger. My holidays are spent on cleaning home, AC, bike, garden and occasionally toilet. This holiday was bit different that we actually went out on a trip, no price for guessing the type of trip of course pilgrimage with my mom in tow even if I take her to Andaman she first locate the temple and then food. Surprise surprise we paddled to hospital since our return, Dad fell off and broke his spine, bills came tumbling after.


How do you ramble about a ramble on a ramble? The first ramble is the rambling that I took with my colleagues to Nagalapuram, it was exciting awesomatic wondrous trip were you get to see people enjoy themselves in fresh water and you get to sit in 2 ft depth as you won't survive the depth without the knowledge of swimming. The second ramble is what you just read and third is the collective of all the above and below that follows.


It is that thing done by mom everyday in the morning so we can live another day. I realized it is not as I did some dishes myself! You probably know my culinary skills on Maggi, Dosa, Milk and Fruit Salad. I have added a few more like salad, bread toast, coconut chutney, nachos! Yes nachos, I'm still far from making a perfect dip or a sauce but trust me it is OK to buy them directly from supermarket and arrange them in plate you can still say you made it (maybe not cook). Thing with me is that I always get the ingredients right but tastes weird.

Being Developer

I yearned to be a developer and now I earn by being developer. It is not easy I tell and you should believe! if you are still watching you neighbour son going to USA or Australia or even Uruguay and not coming back for extended period of time, most probably he works in a service industry dusting rusty old code that was wrote a decade back. I broke out of that limbo to learn something exicting and here I am not sure if the decision was right, as every other guy I know has took off to some nation :-/ but here I am consoling myself by saying "its not about international activity its about github activity", actually that hurts me even bad as I succumb again to my own consolation as I'm not active in both havens of developers as the outside world measures you.


For the first time since I was introduced to windows in school with background image reading "This copy of windows is not authorized" then to my everyown PC where I proudly use some key or other that I get in internet of some freak tool. But it all changed when I bought a laptop with pre-installed windows my first piracy-free OS (apart from various linux distro that I have tried). Lately I upgrade the laptop to all new Win 10 and what a misery it need microsoft account login to even sneeze... feel like faggot. * Image used is from I don't know if putting this out saves me from law suits, as if I'm bother about it. 


It is not the party hosted in the office where non-promoted people are begged to stay by giving some flipkart vouchers and sheilds made of brass or glass. Recognition got a new dimension when Nestle decided that their charm brand Maggi has pulled everything when it drowned. So they have compiled a video showing different era in India and Nestle's association, it looks pathetic when a conglomerate begs on knees with sad music playing in background. I think it is kind of cute, well played India! you have tuned you negative to positive - popullation.