Sunday, July 12, 2015

As am father

Maybe I got bombarded with too much of whatsapp messages or that I came across too many facebook post or that retailers got another reason to sell their products at fake discounted rates. Whatever it might be, with recent developments I realized that I'm a father and I can't afford to dream for my son, sorry dad. 

Sorry dad? Why would I add that? That's for my dad's dreams that I burnt! Going by the fake american lifestyle that we Indians are interested in, couple of weekends back it was Fathers's day. So what did you managed for that day apart from turning dreams into ashes? why so much negativity you might ask! don't worry you might still manage to keep him happy. So why I'm taking so much about burning dreams stuffs, apparently as I stated above I'm father and I can't stop myself from dreaming for my son.

Son or Daughter its all the same

The image here is not new but worth watching again, travel down your memory lane (don't use facebook, ofcourse!) you'd be surprised to know the number of times you have let down your father, right from the day you turned him down by sticking to your mom's bosom. Dad's life is no less than dog's, and I'm being very polite here.

Most probably you started walking, jumping, climbing, running even urinating & shitting on his stomach; he might have been the first one to rush you to hospital, its very much possible that he taught you cycling and swimming. Now let's look at your life; you walk away from his advice, run away from his home, jump to conclusion on his abilities to match modern technology. How many of us tried to teach our dad about the work we do, I'm most certain he won't understand easily as we work in globalized economy; but have to tried harder? the same kind of effort that you'd use with your own child to make him say bye when you leave home to office?

I'm not trying to be any moron pointing out only mistakes, life is hard, I might have done some of those things I listed maybe even more; sometimes I make decisions without his consent and end up messing it. The meme's which express the idea of missing one's father after reaching the age of father is a cliche; in software developer terms you dad is your offline stackoverflow for family. Remember everything you try to do is already done and error logs are there to be searched in stackoverflow ;) But are children to be blamed for not celebrating their dad's wisdom? or should the mom's be condemn too because she kept repeating that your dad is broke :P

Dad are themselves to be blamed for most, not logical? it is because they set extra-ordinary standards and goals to their offspring without considering their own talent or achievements (Jaden smith, Abhishek Bachan, Sibiraj, Illayathilagam Prabhu are some exceptions). I didn't say an auto driver should not dream about his daughter going to IIT, but if he failed 5 times in high school there is high chance that his dream will be burnt soon after middle school. Coming back AS AM FATHER I wish I could pull myself up, loose some kilos, develop better temperament, learn life saving skills before my son starts to derive inspiration from me.