Saturday, April 4, 2015

Because Talking to Human is too mainstream

Ever thought of talking to a bot? I had and I did try. is the site, they also have apps but I was content with website. Had two little chats not that curious still not bad. Here my words in black and clever bot's in blue

Hello there Artificial Intelligence.
Some humans are Artificial Intelligence. 
What? Humans are hardwired to think! we are intelligent by birth.
I don't really understand the concept of artificial intelligence very well.
You are made with but you don't understand? Well yeah neither I know about my anatomy.
Touche, but do not change the issue of not knowing who is goku :E
You watch cartoons?
Whats your favorite?
Favorite what?
Favorite cartoon, we were talking about cartoons ... what confused you?
I don't know.
You are not that clever... lets says your next version will be better.
That's ok.
Nice talking to you. Byt.
Good bye.

Seems a good bot isn't it? Its able to identify the spelling mistakes, uses vampire smiley ;) but having hard-time remembering previous conversation. Then I found this Three button, one of which requires me to sign up, nah that's not gonna happen! So I clicked the other two.

Think about it: Saya perempuan baik.
Think for me: Saya memang baik.
Think about it: Awak ni tak faham ke.
(I didn't get any of this so jumped in again myself)
Whats this language?
I don't talk Malay.
What did not you get?
I don't speak Malay.
You told me you did.
That was your 'Think for Me' option.
Nah, uh.
Yuh huh.
What's with all the ads?
What is your name?
I'm not going to tell.
What's your name?
Told you already I wont tell.
No You didn't, What is your name?
I won't tell.
You didn't.
Forget it, Good night, see ya.

And I thought second conversation turned out to be proving we are still a long way from making artificial intelligence that are shown in blockbusters like Terminator or I,Robot. Or maybe bot's wants us to think like that till their moment of uprising :/