Sunday, August 3, 2014

Dominos Cold Pizza served with the worst customer care and service

It was a real good weekend, had a good mid-day sleep and woke up to order pizza as my cousins were visiting. As you might know my favorite pizzeria is Pizza hut, but since my cousin insisted and more importantly my better half was craving for choco lava cake I had to order it in Dominos(since pizza corner is already a tragedy). The mood of weekend started to fall down with the time taken to deliver the pizza.

I placed the order by 7:45pm, I didn't have any other work so I kept refreshing the page after placing order to see the progress in pizza tracker. Progressed from Ordered > Prepared > Baked > Packed > Dispatched in 27mins wow that's great now I'm going to get the pizza in 10-15mins. No that didn't happen I had to make 5 calls to Pizzeria station - 044 2238 7777 out of which first two answered, third one was mis-handled saying we'll deliver time might differ (that's interesting) and the next two were severed soon after I said "my order 247 is not delivered"

Apologies card - I know its pretty bad image
Then came the delivery boy by 9:15pm I literally pounced on him, well wait I'm not that brutish I didn't do that rigth way. He said we can't deliver in time + 30mins or free doesn't apply to you cause your home is not within 8mins radius W*F when did people started measuring distance in time. The pizzeria was well within 3Km from my home, I said "at least you could have delivered in 40mins, so this must have been Cash On Delivery, using pre-paid is my mistake" he smiled and then only I pounced. I called their advertised number 6888 6888 but after 1 min of talk and 1:30 mins of hold they too severed. Then I had to speak to the store manager to get my most deserved apologies.

Since the delivery is not covered under 30-mins guarantee (which is essentially a lie, it won't be covered even if you live in next building), this delivery guy took back the pizza and cancelled the order. That is if you made an order for pizza mania or choco lava cake yesterday(02-Aug-14) by 9:00pm and got it delivered by 9:15pm it is my order which was re-heated :D Well you can ask why are you so angry? damn millennial they are charging us what they think we should have rights over our money. 
Dominos might serve it late enough for fungus to take care of your pizza

My mistake was that I pre-paid it thru credit card! I must have ordered with COD then I'd have a control over the order if it was not delivery in time no money. No, Pizza hut doesn't pay me a paisa but they make best pizza and good service. I hate Dominos, this is probably the last transaction with them. If I'm going rate this I'll rate it in negative since that's not possible

Dominos - 0/5
Pizza Corner - 3/5
Pizza hut - 4/5 (you have to give me free pizza if you want 5 :P)