Monday, July 14, 2014

RJ Balaji in as Vadacurry

Vadacurry is a perfect entertainment package – comedy, a romantic song, an item number, punch, villian, hero, noble cause – as we know, it is a masala movie. Movie revolves around lead male played by Jai and his immediate needs – getting Smart phone, the way he chooses to fullfill his need brings the neccesarily components to push the movie into vibration mode Director Saravana Rajan’s made the movie lighter enough to remove any sort of thrill from the movie, a team which has wide range of experience in providing laughter made this comedy-thriller into comdey-drama.

The movie starts with RJ Balaji saying “my name is vadacurry, but I don’t have much to do here (ref. movie is titled as Vadacurry)”. Director gives Jai enough importance that almost any other character in the movie has little role to play, but when you leave the theater you know why its Vadacurry, without RJ Balaji movie might be rusty. Not a star cast unless you are going to consider Jei and Swathi as stars, whom I rate as actors. Venkat Prabhu, Premji has little roles to play; we can sort of guess the villian even if you fail to do so you’d say “I thought so” when villian is reveal.

Songs are fine, “Nenjukulla Nee Minnaladipa” will tune you heart and will make you float, the song has captured Jai’s trademark shoulder moves. If you are going to take your family(elders) to this movie beware there is Sunny Leone item number (hot smiley not supported). There is also one fast paced song involving few quick camera movements making it apt as (almost)climax song. Altogether a decent job has been done by newcomer duo composers Vivek Shiva and Mervin Solomon. Yuvan has chipped in with a song.

Comedy genre is one that made this movie a watchable, RJ Balaji has made a stamp for himself with witty one liners and funny sound carried straigth from his radio studio, I believe that he wrote his own dialogs not sure. The title of this post indeed highlights the importance of Balaji’s character which doesn’t have scope but makes you laugh everytime it appears on scene. Jai though cast as leal male brings sparks to make us laugh but only in presence of Balaji/ china mobile.

Swathi plays usual dumb heroine role. Jai has a MGR influenced brother, this guy’s honesty adds important twist to the story. I don’t know if Dayanidhi Azagiri has influence reviewers but I was fooled by the reviews all over internet. In some website I read the movie to be a thriller, but its not it, its fun entertainer. Few scenes involving turf wars and swift camera motion with average bgm can never qualify a movie to be thriller. Call it a comedy – drama movie you can watch it without deprivation. Moral of the story: Buy your own mobile; my addition- don’t go to this movie save Rs.150 and buy mobile with that. My Rating will be 2.5/5.

Thursday, July 10, 2014

Learning curve: SQL writing by Unlocking HR schema

Its been a long time since I have studied anything with enthusiasm or a goal to achieve. The last time was when I took MarkLogic CCP but I don’t remember anything on that now, I never got an opportunity to work on it, not even a POC. Now I’m part of study group which has a goal, to get certified in SQL writing.

The learning is exiciting after all the java codes I write and debug its a refreshing change to use SQL. Wait a minute, does that mean I’m not using any SQL database at the back end? No, Yes – my application uses Oracle 11g but I’m not having any SQL developer to work with it, rarely I open SQL + to check if password is to expire.

The bad part is that I have to fill boring tables to query on them, quering is natural to human but not recording :D Some guy said “I’ll find the laziest person to do toughest job so he finds a shortcut” guess he was rit! I found the lazy easy way to query without to having to record.

Unlock the HR user

So I found there is a user called HR who is locked and kept in Oracle 11g Express edition by default. The user has around 7 tables pre-loaded with records – Jackpot! all you have to do is to issue the simplest statement by logging in an user with admin rights, say – SYSTEM or SYS (depends on version and installation)


Novice tip: Not just 11g its available in many versions; yes as you see password for HR user is password. Done, if you get a message that reads ‘User altered’ hi-five yourself else bring that hand to face and do a face-palm your system admin might have deleted that account