Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Hey there 2014

Little that I knew, the year had so much for me. Soon after downgrading myself from bachelor, unintentionally I raised my responsibility as family man. To put it in plain text I thought getting married was not a big deal, since we have decided to continue living the same way with a small change that we are gonna share same room. How wrong was I? Very wrong, as a pointer my wife delivered a boy baby last month. 

I believe I picked a wrong tone to announce that. I'm a Dad now!!! ...and that I'm a responsible family man I started to plan future for my son, Sarveshwaran. Of course I don't want to be the stereotyped Indian parent pushing their child to choose a career of their liking instead of their offspring's. The best example to explain the worst effect of such attitude is Rahul Gandhi, forced into politics (if rumors are rit) brings down the legacy of party with single 'empowering' interview, I don't want that to happen to my child. The world has become materialistic curse it, but you have to face it; my earning was good enough to take care of my 'right now' expenses' but I was too afraid that I'd be whole up there if I continue to work the way I was working.

Working in an MNC which has hired the right kind of image branding consultant will give you an excellent introduction line, like “Hi I'm Shiva, I work in XYZ as Software developer for ABC dominating <random> domain in NA.” don't worry if you don't get it, its sort of IT services stuff. But what it can do to your career? That character I appended to career '?' no one can guarantee a career, in IT service workplace you can't guarantee anything from coffee vending machine to job safety or satisfaction. But it gives you a lottery to get to NA, to be particular US visa, and I don't approve the idea of leaving career to lottery.

That's when I made a decision that would become the second biggest change in the year 2014. To build my career I decided to quit my first job, for many the decision was not something unexpected. They knew I was not happy with my work, I complained a lot, they knew I love open source, they knew I love to express, they knew I had the potential to prove again starting from zero. And now I work in organization which has 100 times less employee than my previous employer, but now I work in a way I want, in a conductive environment, in technologies that I didn't knew, this is geek awesome. And man I get loads of gifts and people here are more friendly, not just virtually.

I was confused, still I'm. I was doubtful about future, still I'm. I felt burdened that I became a husband, and now I'm responsibly for one more soul. I was not ready, I'm not ready, I can't be ready, but I should and I will face yet another year that will bring me more challenges and celebrations. Shaking hands with 2014 for the last time as a happy dad, proud developer, and a humbled being.

Wishing you all a happy new year.


Shiva hari kumar Balasubramanian

Saturday, October 25, 2014

October Scribblings

Deepavali Enam
Deepavali is all about crackers and sweets, for me joy starts with enam. It is customary in India that young people get blessed with wishes and money on auspicious days, this gift money is enam. With this money I buy second packet of bijili or pundu vedi, and will use them as weapons for war between Chellam illam and Kamalam illam. Cracking a pundu vedi is tough but rewarding, it requires bullet arm to make a horizontal throw with enough power to cross the vacant land and smash burst on the parapet wall, here it will leave a black mark which is not possible with bijili. Now I earn, I can buy what I want, still the joy that enam brings in me is fresh and silly!
For those who are interested Chellam is my grandma, Kamala is our neighbor and I’m not doing this anymore; I don’t know pundu vedi is still available in market, it looks like a onion or unbroken garlic which will burst on forceful impact. Bullet arm is a cricketing term, where a fielder makes a flat throw from outside 30 yard circle which reaches keepers hand without a bounce.

Bruce, He is batman.
Bruce, black in color, very playful, has a tendency to bite first and bark next. He is 10 month old now; he is the 7th prime pet after Sivaji, MGR, Kutti, Kutti Jr., Tiger, Caesar. As friends of primes’ many other dogs have found shelter in our home, not once I have noticed such biting behavior with any dog. And so giving Bruce a rabbis shot became more then necessary, in hospital, doctor suggested that we must first give him the vaccine shots. I agreed and asked for medicine, she gave me a prescription and I found that it’ll cost Rs.500! and so I asked if I could skip it and at last gave him a Rs.100 only rabbis shot. Its not that I can’t afford it, and I’m not stingy though I tend to take a crocin when I feel feverish rather visiting Doctor and pay 200 for same prescription. Actually I thought “He is Bruce, what he does defines him, he is BATMAN, he does not need vaccine even if he needs, only Fox can prepare it.”

My Broadband
Android and app developers believe that when I’m connected to Wifi I’m accepting all the terms and condition to update any random app as they wish! No, it is not that, I have picked limited usage tariff; want to know why. Because I pay my bill, I’m not my friend as his bill is paid by his company. For the heave sake stop sending me the irritating Deepavali crackers bursting video, almost every person I chat with, and every group I’m a member of has this video, the same video; and the goddamn Whatsapp is not detecting the content and repeatedly downloads the same 10MB video! I’m telling this to you for the last time, you can’t download cause I’m connected to Wifi!!! Finally I change the setting to no media; yes I work in IME and still prefer text over Media. My BROADBAND is not that broad!!!

Friday, October 17, 2014

Short story: Forbidden love

Setting: Senthil works in a IT service provider, his lead is Yamini, his good friend Surender takes care of seasonal decorations. A new member is going to join their team.

The office was decorated with stars and bells, I could see small plastic tree peeping from every cubicle, Ribbons, hanging angles and ties made of shiny cloth were making the whole ODC glow. I looked at the far end of the cubicle where my seat is located, outright dull, Surender has done this in purpose; he knows am skeptic about birthday of Christ and I refer the day as X’mas and not the usual way. He came in front of me from nowhere “I respect your belief machi, I made sure your cubicle is not decorated!”, I had enough time to deliver the friendly punch he was expecting.

Yamini called me to inform me that I’m late and formal introductions has already happened, and instructed me to come to pantry right away. Being in her team is hell and heaven, while you can enjoy the company of good-looking ;) team mates you might want to wear pink to merge into the team :P A strong handshake followed by a smile that involves least muscle movement, absolutely formal! Hardly 10 minutes in the office Prasanna has already made the rest of pinkies run to restroom for second touch up.

I was not sure if Yamini is helping me reduced load or wants to get rid of last XY in the team, the new girl will share my work, cubicle and vnet. “Targets are high here, and I don’t spare anytime for gossips” I was making it clear to Prasanna and she said ‘ok… cricket then’ and winked. This woman just winked at me! and she is ok with talking cricket :D I don’t want to scare her with all the docs and codes the every first day so gave her application walkthrough and started for lunch. Boom! my cubicle is glowing, its brightest now! Walking ahead I searched for Surender and spotted him sitting in my chair and carefully knitting with Prasanna.
“So you decorated my cubicle to fullest in 30 mins?”
“Machi, this is for Prasanna”
“Her presence lights my cubicle, you get out” I winked at her.
She turned her chair towards dumb machine and knocked us out. Sitting in my chair extended my hand and tapped in phone, she turned around and I gave blank stare for 5 mins before she tapped on the phone again. God! She was so pink, she is blushing! at my wink? :eek: I met her eye they were kind, and looked at her funny nose it was cute by the way, I really wanted to know if her lip-gloss taste strawberry as I’d prefer it, maybe I can buy one for her on first date. The black marker hit my face and fell on my lap bringing me back, “you can give me KT or I can speak to Yamini if you feel different to have me as team mate”. I didn’t not respond, after a detailed pause I said “Will I look better if I shave?” she started laughing.

Five months have gone by, Prasanna works well and we have brought the back log to 0 long time back and I’m expecting my release mail anytime. I am asking Prasanna out almost every other day for a date, she never declines them but proposes different places so we won’t date but will worship or do some CSR. Last week we went to Sholinganallur Pratyangara temple, a week before that we went for Outreach – JA session, sometime back we went to beach to clean up the empty sundal packets but not to eat sundal. Sometimes I feel I’m being used, you know the friend-zoned guy? Not once but thrice her senses persuaded me into fighting with some random guy in bus trying to hit on her, every time she steps outta bus catches auto and leave to her apartment.

I bought this Apache bike only after seeing her, I love the pillion seats placed that way; how much ever the pillion rider tries they’ll end up grabbing driver :mrgreen: so needed by every guy. Of course she insist on scooty or bus, very rugged girl if I deny she gets a bus or auto. It feels awkward to follow auto to her home but what if she gets abducted! And I love when she shouts at me “get a job, stop following me, no one is going to rape me!” from auto; it is but a divine sight to see her hair flow in air. I tapped the phone she turned back, “care to date?”,
“won’t you stop?”,
“ok then cricket match, I have two tickets for this Friday evening IPL match!”,
“match ok, date not ok”.

I logged off by 4pm, so did she, the vnet rang “Yamini, whats the matter? I was just leaving”, “Your application has no back log for last 5 weeks, I let you choose the application I’m going to release you”. Prasanna was silent, then “choose GCB you can sit here”, “so you know this?”, she nodded and picked her hand bag to leave. Match starts by 6pm getting a bus is risky so I ring for a call taxi. She snatched my phone and said “why taxi why not your bike?”, “It’s bike ok, not scooty, I am not letting you go in auto, lets go in taxi”, “Yes idiot I said bike, bike is ok with me”.

Thanks to the seat designer she is leaning on me now! Oooo ho! “you will keep in touch na, even after changing team?”, “why would you even ask such question, I’m going to marry you”. “No you can’t”. The roughest road with better bumps was 200m ahead and rain started to pour down like hell. “Just take left and go, match will not happen anyway at least we can watch some movie in my home”. I parked at her space, D2, first time I’m visiting her home, I can’t believe she choose to stay alone than having a roommate and sharing rent. “I get to pick the movie”, “whatever”, she told from kitchen, there was no sofa or chair just one bean bag and a table on top of which laptop is sitting now.

source: polyvore.com
I used her wifi to check my whatsapp messages, ‘Yamini: what’s with you guys, why she cried when I said you’ll be released’. She made soup gave it to me in bowl and she had in directly from boiler, I made a sheepish smile “Mr. Perfect you are unexpected guest, you can choose to leave”. I played ‘The Notebook’, “I know you won’t leave till rain stops, Google just told me the weather is expected to continue. I am going to make popcorn”. She came back with oily paper bag full of popcorn, “I can’t believe you have this much of popcorn for you, how to you maintain this figure”, “excuse me”, “mm… I like this flavor”. Being a polite guest I offered to share the bean bag with her, when popcorn was done I popped the question ‘why should you cry?’ and showed Yamini’s msg.

She broke down and sobbed on my chest, kept saying “you are so nice, but I’m, I can’t bare this”. I held her close, told not to cry and if she is married already that’s fine, and if she is having a bad marriage we can get married after she can get divorced. She laughed, but still cried; I kissed her cheek and hugged her tight. She didn’t resist, I sensed the opportunity, wow her lip-gloss is strawberry and they are soft. Stretching arms I said “I feel it’s going to rain harder and I can stay here tonight”, she got up and ran to bedroom “get out, get out now, never come back”. I felt bad, said that I’m sorry and left.

I don’t know if I should mail GCB lead, I wanted to talk to her make things right then decide on anything. Got the official mail from Yamini, Sizing down BGS team, but the content was different; Prasanna is getting release as she is moving to Delhi. I called Prasanna she didn’t pick up; I got off my desk and went to her apartment. The apartment was locked, I stormed down to get bike, security was standing there holding envelope and key for me “Madam told to give this to Man parking bike in this slot, are you the one sir”. I nodded and opened it; Dear Senthil, go back to flat and open it get the box from bean bag, read them and courier it to new office address given. The box had memoirs and medical reports on silicon implant and few surgeries; I continued reading letter “didn’t it occur to you, I have a gender neutral name. You showered unadulterated love, which even my parents could not, I love you for that but never try to reach me, I don’t deserve you. I wish you a great life”.

Key-Prasanna's dialog in red, Senthil's in blue, Yamini's in orange, Surender's in green
This is the short story I came up with for an office blog challenge, it was to write a romantic story, where girl declines the proposal and the reason must be acceptable and shocking. So how to you rate this gay story? :P

Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Mobile phone network providers can rob you in the name of SMS recharge

I could not stop with local calls analysis article when the SMS tariff was even crueler on us. Here I present you my findings on how easily a network operator robs you, sad part you don’t even know notice it. As I did in my last post I use my own network provider Airtel for the purpose of analysis, and I’m deeply sorry to them for exposing their meanest tariff policies.

Straight away I give you all the SMS tariff plans available for Chennai customers from Airtel. Following table is a screenshot from their website. Link - https://pay.airtel.com/online-payments/prepaidResponse.do

SMS recharge tariff as listed in Airtel website
Now for the analysis part, here plans Rs.18, Rs.49 and Rs.92 are standard & straight forward, the actual amount you pay is equal to recharge amount. So what about the rest – Rs.26, Rs.36 & Rs.61? They are vampires feeding on your talk-time. Previously the content in the bracket was “1st SMS of day charged @ 49 Ps” and now they are going to charge you for the second SMS also, yes they are greedy.

Why I call them vampire? Let’s first find who still uses SMS recharges after the advent of Whatsapp, hike, viber or any other messaging app. Mostly student who can’t afford a smartphone and low income group. Both these groups depend on small recharges from Rs.10 to maximum Rs.50, which they get as pocket money or it’ll be the maximum amount they can spend on phone, end result? After processing fee and service tax they get talk-time about 83% of what they spent as money, so for Rs.10 they might get 8.3 INR as talk-time and similarly for Rs.50 – 41.5 INR or even below that. And the daily deduction on first 2 SMS goes from talk-time not actual money so when they debit 49 Ps they are effectively debiting 59Ps!

With that let’s get to how much you are going to pay effectively, for streamlining I equate talk-time with money though they are not. For calculating effective money spent we will make an assumption that we send at least 2 SMS every day, and so you’ll be charged 98 Ps (49ps per SMS) every day. Multiple 0.98 with cutter duration in days you’ll have the additional amount details, add that with recharge amount you have effective amount spent, relax I have gone that tough job and tabulated it for you.
Sounds like picking standard, straight forward cutters is smart

Shocking? Oh yeah you are spending more money on all the three vampire cutters to get lesser number of SMS quota than the standard cutters offers. Unless you are going to use the entire quota for national SMS which is smaller for standard cutters, given that this is rare we can conclude that they are robbing.

Now for additional dose, blackout days! Friendship day, Diwali, Pongal... its time for predator networks to charge more! Have you ever asked this question? - If cutter validity is for 28days, if Diwali falls in that period then for that one day the plans won't be applicable. So, should TRAI intervene here and gets us our 1 rightful day instead of truncated 27days? Mustn't the cutter be extended by one day when a blackout day falls in cutter period? why no one cares about this? raise your voice oh mighty customers!

Monday, September 29, 2014

Why you should choose tariff based on call log?

The article will analyze the tariff plans and tries to help end user find the best way to pick a plan. This will not be a discussion on why or how such charge is fixed but discussion will be on available plans. I’m going to use my network –Airtel for analysis so this will benefit me. To explain my model I’m going to further simplify by choosing only Prepaid- Local call rate cutters for Chennai circle for same period.

Plan cost
28 days
28 days
28 days
28 days
Table 154.1 Local Calls Tariff Listing

Naturally from this table you can see that the best plan is Rs.85 as it offers only 30 paisa per minute, while costly plan is Rs.23 as it’ll cost 60p per minute. But this interpretation seems very vague and this is what your network provider wants you to think – “The more you spend on cutter the more you save on talk time”.  But is this correct, how to decode? Let me help.

Catch: The use of the unit minute can be confusing so I’ll be replacing it with the unit call. Why? Because your network providers charges that way (per call basis), let us say your first call duration is 1min 20sec and second call duration is 1min 40sec then effectively they add up to 3 min so you must be charged for 3 minute, but every call is charged individually so you end up paying for 4 min. Actually this is not cheating given that you have accepted for terms and conditions, so any duration from 1 sec to 60 sec translate to 1min according to our service provider and to simplify this mess we are going to call this 1 call.

To decode the tariff we have to develop a tool that take tariff plan and calls made as input and provides overall cost as output. Welcome to Overall cost, we will henceforth use this term to point the total spending on the calls for the tariff period. To make our analysis streamlined we compare ‘per minute’ cutters and keep Rs.23 aside which is ‘per second’ cutter.
Overall cost (Rs.)= Tc + (Cm X Pc / 100)
Here, Tc is Cost of tariff which is the first part. Second part is call cost for individual calls, where Cm is no. of calls made in last 4 weeks i.e., period of tariff under analysis (ref Table 154.1); Pc – Paisa per minute from tariff plan. With this tool I’m creating projected overall cost for every tariff with different Cm and tabulating them for comparison with talk time measured in INR.

Table 154.2 Tariff comparison for analysis
The number of calls is in blue font and every tariff column carries its own font color, overall cost is in laurel green square(in INR). As highlighted in Table 154.2 only when you cross 461 call in 4 weeks i.e., more than 15 local calls a day and 10 more on weekend you reach the generic assumption of “The more you spend on cutter the more you save on talk time”. Furthermore you can feel the profound effect of the call cutter only when you reach 1000 calls in 4 weeks i.e., more than 35 local calls a day. Here you can also note that Rs.69 cutter is never beneficial and I have highlighted this point with green; Rs.85 drops in overall cost before Rs.69 and is costlier than Rs.46 till then. Rs.69 is a dummy addition and we have to choose either Rs.46 or Rs.85 to have good benefit.

With the above explanation I have made it clear that if you make less than 400 calls in 4 weeks Rs.46 is good, if you make more calls Rs.85 is best. Think again we have left Rs.23 from analysis and trust me it is difficult to compare; you can throw it away when you make many calls. But what if you make less than 200 calls? Rs.23 offers flats pay per second plan. Let’s analyze this with Rs.46 as this is the only contender, as one is p/s and other is p/m we can’t tabulate overall cost. Being an average caller I’m going to use my own call log as input – roughly 100calls in 4 weeks with 20% continuing even after 5 minutes, 40% ended before 40 second (say 30 second), 40% in second minute(say 1.5min).

So for Rs.26  = 26 + 20(300s*.01p) + 40(30s*.01p) + 40(90s*.01p)
And for Rs.46= 46 + 20(5*.30p)       + 40(1*.30p)      + 40(2*.30p)
Results?  Overall cost of 134 for Rs.26 and 112 for Rs.46, hence Rs.46 suits you if 60% of your calls cross 2 minutes.

Hence, If you are mundane caller or missed call party Rs.23 looks better.
If you are normal and 60% of your calls reaches 2 min mark then Rs.46 looks good.
If you are tele-calling animal Rs.85 is sexy.

For long I haven't published this though I made such analysis long back, Freakonomics gave me some confidence to push this into internet.

Sunday, September 28, 2014

Walk with Freakonomist

I'm crossing off the long pending, strongly recommended book 'Freakonomics' from my 'Books to read' list. This book was first published in 2005, in the sense its published a decade ago and I still find the content fresh and very much related. I pick books after reading blurb, then I will choose to read if I find the preface and introduction interesting. I found this book to be unique at every level.

'The book doesn't carry any unifying theme' which is repeatedly accepted and quoted in the book which I find awkward. But Why should one have an unifying theme? because every other book has one. Both the question and answer is present in the book itself, such is the book. It is fulled with questions that are not asked by everyone and statistical answers(not empirical), this will amaze the ordinary being, as Mr. Confusion I found them legit.
The book is actually collection of papers by Steven D. Levitt, economist, it is co-authored by Stephen J Dubner who has brought out this in novice format. The Notes sections which can be dumbly renamed as references has 18 pages all pointing to economics papers. I have a revised version printed in 2006, it has bonus material which adds 200 more pages in addition to original content. Bonus material is exciting to read, this has excerpts from their blog at website: Freakonomics, here they address all the challenges and reviews for the book. Of course they are really different as they have identified themselves as Freakonomist. The arguments and counter arguments in this blogs are a good read, which I can't publish here, feel free to follow the link.

As quoted already this book doesn't have a theme but it is classified into sections of related questions. The star of all question is "Where have all the criminals gone?" to which their controversial reply - 'they are aborted as fetus'. While different sociologist and economist tries to answer the question with answers like innovative policing, tight vigilance etc., Levitt sights the Roe vs Wade case as reason. He explains that woman makes best decision on 'if she can bring up the child to be a good person' and hence an abortion makes sure a probable child growing in a rough neighborhood will not become a criminal. The answer has raised wide variety of emotion but I find it as the most convincing answer.

Other question that I liked is How school teachers cheats?, How tax payers cheats?, what makes them pay?, How your real estate agent exploits you? and there boring discussion too on Why Sumo wrestlers cheat or how? Ku Klux Klan mystery and How naming a child can impact its growth - which I find annoyingly long.  On parenting part except the naming stuff there are sections for us to learn from, like which is likely to kill children -swimming pool or gun?

There is one more question that made me studious, why do drug dealers still live with their mother? answer is they don't earn enough. While explaining this he tells us a small story on how Sudhir Venkatesh helped him in getting the data and how he got those data. I was drawn to this topic so much that I watched few videos on it where Levitt goes on to compare drug dealers organization structure with McDonald. That he explains as men at the top enjoys all the comfort and money while foot soldiers/ waiters in McD's case gets minimum wage not enough to sustain their life on own. All the data used in the research and theory are from USA, what were you expecting from an American economist? So does that mean its not worth reading in India? are you kidding? this inspires us to ask our own question and answer it.

Best part and that I can personally relate to is when Dubner had 'rancid chicken in French roast, Manhattan' and wrote about it in their blog. Which is very much in line with my own rants about Dominos and its cold pizza, if you want to know googling 'dominos' with 'shiva' or 'scribble' will throw up awesome results pointing my blog *quenched* thank you readers. Without the influence of Freakonomics I have asked such questions in the past, but now this has given me enough confidence to publish my research on them. You can expect them to be published soon, so what unusual question you have in mind? can you share it? can we author a book on it?

Tuesday, September 2, 2014

If pen is mightier than sword then it could be gun

Fortnight back we had a t-shirt design contest in our office hosted by a very famous blogger. The contest was to come up with an awesome slogan that'll influence the readers to write more, yes we are blogging evangelist. It doesn't just end there you have to pick a plain t-shirt image and embed the quote in it, of course that's how it is design contest else it'll be slogan contest. 

And my entry was a reflection of how I tend to use blog, obvious I broke the very first norm of contest hence I was hardly appreciated. But I was not demotivated exciting part was not winning but designing, and hence I share the designs with you guys. I love to be quoted as millennial, its almost like someone calling my Lt Gen - We just don't do things differently we do it with poker face.

So I was talking about how I use blog, lets review my reviews - they are mostly critical. In the sense I’m more of a critic than reviewer (Remember Anton Ego of Ratatouille – that sort of thing). So I came up with the slogan "Blog to Flog" and now for the design part I thought of using sword to materialize the word flog, but sword is bit old. Millennial, Poker face, mightier than sword... yes it must be gun.

Coats of Arms - Critics
Pengun < the new name that I'm giving to this self made critic logo, a gun with pen nib in place of muzzle. My enthusiasm towards this design has led me to make Coat of Arms for us Critics! Explained as : grey 0 % represents rotten egg, yellow star with sparse yellow dots in right bottom represent how tough its to get rating from us. And then I thought why not try to make another t-shirt? then I put this in a t-shirt and changed coats of arms color to make it more appealing.

Here are my entries, 2 entries were allowed per participant.

To me both the entries where awesome, especially 1

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

20 ways to use tummy to good effect

Be Big Be Happy
Dear Readers,
The post will have series of situation where you can use your tummy for good effect. I going to motivate you BIG time! 

Caution: This might motivate you to become fat and unhealthy.
(But who cares as long as you are happy?!)

  1. Famine killer: I know, we all know famine is killer but statistics point that tummy is essentially extra fat that gets deposited so that it can be used in unforeseen situations where you don’t have food to eat. Famine is the first situation that comes to my mind! All your slim, lean friends will die of starvation while you can sit in a place reduce metabolism use all stored fat to cross bad days and wait for WHO/UN to arrive. The same can be said when you run outta money.
  2. Easy to demonstrate common sense: Lift etiquette – Leave way for people inside to come out else you can’t go into lift. This lift etiquette is so straight but so uncommon, so take pride in standing in the entrance and refuse to come out till they make enough space, a lesson well taught. Also the ‘Eureka’ theory, jump into the pool and show the people around how much of water you can displace.
  3. Serve as cushion for the loved ones: This one is cute and lovely, place a baby on top of tummy and watch them sleep calmly in it as if it is a water bed. In need of pillow use that one pillow available and offer your tummy pillow for others.
  4. Buried alive, come out alive(not kill bill style): There are multiple situations where you can get buried alive, like at the hand of serial killer, natural disaster like earth quake, bad construction, war. When people gets buried alive under concrete most dies because of starvation, stay calm digest fat and wait for rescue team to get you out and give you a cup of ORS.
  5. Get qualified for sumo fight: A lighter note that you now qualified to fight in Sumo. It’s no joke, if you manage to get into top six sumo wrestler clan you get such a luxury life to live.
  6. Get a chance to dance with top Indian film stars: Unlike Hollywood in India lead actors are expected to dance well to get to fame, but some are very bad at this. To compensate their mismatched skill choreographers uses slow paced dancers or paint the big round tummies and distract the viewers from lead’s ugly dance. Crack into TV who knows you might become a star too.
  7. Win every food completion: Tummy and amount of food are not related as you might think, but showing off a big tummy can make a potential winner to run away from completion thus getting you close to winning it.
  8. Break into Adult group: During my academic years I was lean, though I was about to complete my Bachelor degree in engineering few refuse to accept I’m above 18. Just 3 years crossed many kids call me uncle now! Advantage is that you can go alone to A rated movies, clubs, rent or buy movies that needs parental care without being notified though you are not adult.
  9. Door opener: Can read the sign push to open door, but hands can't reach handle? of course your tummy reached it before hand and opened it for you to go thru while you can adjust your tie.
  10. Showoff: Tummy in a way tells others that you are wealthy, dress accordingly and make the most of it.
  11. Temporary stand: Want to lift a kid in a carnival? Not able to move your hands above shoulder? Use your tummy stand! Just balance them by holding them by armpits and let your tummy take rest of the weight.
  12. Table mate replacement: Watching TV, want to have chips? Wanna work in Laptop? Chop vegetables? Just lean on wall and balance all that you want on your tummy.
  13. Space provider: Navigate thru a crowded public transport vehicle; it might be tough at first. But when you communicate to the opposite party that you are big and they have to make way, make small sound like clearing throat or coughing. Now you have caught the attention start to move, people will squeeze themselves into smaller gaps to let you thru.
  14. Big is good for short temper: I’m sort of a short temper, there is not one day in my life where I drive without delivering a tearing look or cursing words. When I was still in college people used to respond to it, they stop vehicles turns back then I had to show my steel by stopping bike in side stand and flexing arms communicating it hard that they have to flee, sometime this might not work then I’d flee. But long gone those days now when people sense my rage they just vanish, big is good, big means strong, harder to break into (it is all fluffy inside though).
  15. Never get lost in crowd! Usually tall people enjoy this advantage, but if you can grow yourself big enough you can be spotted by the empty space you create around you.
  16. Seat Sharing: Be is public transport or your own car, no one is going to sit close to you to get crushed, enjoy all the seat(s) you want. There is very good chance that you get the seat next to driver in family car and no need to accommodate another person brushing and crushing.
  17. You weight keeps the petrol tank lid closed in old bikes, petrol is so costly now never spill any.
  18. The airbag protection you get whether it not the car is fitted with one, crash and walk like hero.
  19. Let kids play ‘slide’ on your tummy. Being kind to children is lady magnet mantra.
  20. When you fall down, you don’t hit your nose on the floor; your tummy takes the hit and saves your face! (மீசை ல மண் ஒட்டாது )

The source of post is unimportant but worth mentioning- its my tummy. My family and friends are touting me for growing such a tummy in short period, OMG they are asking me to workout! *dare they* So I wanted a work around in some way want to make me feel happy that I'm growing fat! here you have the list of happiness I share with you :) And if you were to workout, add this to list

21. You are going to make a gym trainer happy when you enter the door without pushing by hand but with tummy ;) and God he is excited to have you on floor he can eat well for at least the next 6 months with fee you gonna pay.

Sunday, August 3, 2014

Dominos Cold Pizza served with the worst customer care and service

It was a real good weekend, had a good mid-day sleep and woke up to order pizza as my cousins were visiting. As you might know my favorite pizzeria is Pizza hut, but since my cousin insisted and more importantly my better half was craving for choco lava cake I had to order it in Dominos(since pizza corner is already a tragedy). The mood of weekend started to fall down with the time taken to deliver the pizza.

I placed the order by 7:45pm, I didn't have any other work so I kept refreshing the page after placing order to see the progress in pizza tracker. Progressed from Ordered > Prepared > Baked > Packed > Dispatched in 27mins wow that's great now I'm going to get the pizza in 10-15mins. No that didn't happen I had to make 5 calls to Pizzeria station - 044 2238 7777 out of which first two answered, third one was mis-handled saying we'll deliver time might differ (that's interesting) and the next two were severed soon after I said "my order 247 is not delivered"

Apologies card - I know its pretty bad image
Then came the delivery boy by 9:15pm I literally pounced on him, well wait I'm not that brutish I didn't do that rigth way. He said we can't deliver in time + 30mins or free doesn't apply to you cause your home is not within 8mins radius W*F when did people started measuring distance in time. The pizzeria was well within 3Km from my home, I said "at least you could have delivered in 40mins, so this must have been Cash On Delivery, using pre-paid is my mistake" he smiled and then only I pounced. I called their advertised number 6888 6888 but after 1 min of talk and 1:30 mins of hold they too severed. Then I had to speak to the store manager to get my most deserved apologies.

Since the delivery is not covered under 30-mins guarantee (which is essentially a lie, it won't be covered even if you live in next building), this delivery guy took back the pizza and cancelled the order. That is if you made an order for pizza mania or choco lava cake yesterday(02-Aug-14) by 9:00pm and got it delivered by 9:15pm it is my order which was re-heated :D Well you can ask why are you so angry? damn millennial they are charging us what they think we should have rights over our money. 
Dominos might serve it late enough for fungus to take care of your pizza

My mistake was that I pre-paid it thru credit card! I must have ordered with COD then I'd have a control over the order if it was not delivery in time no money. No, Pizza hut doesn't pay me a paisa but they make best pizza and good service. I hate Dominos, this is probably the last transaction with them. If I'm going rate this I'll rate it in negative since that's not possible

Dominos - 0/5
Pizza Corner - 3/5
Pizza hut - 4/5 (you have to give me free pizza if you want 5 :P)

Monday, July 14, 2014

RJ Balaji in as Vadacurry

Vadacurry is a perfect entertainment package – comedy, a romantic song, an item number, punch, villian, hero, noble cause – as we know, it is a masala movie. Movie revolves around lead male played by Jai and his immediate needs – getting Smart phone, the way he chooses to fullfill his need brings the neccesarily components to push the movie into vibration mode Director Saravana Rajan’s made the movie lighter enough to remove any sort of thrill from the movie, a team which has wide range of experience in providing laughter made this comedy-thriller into comdey-drama.

The movie starts with RJ Balaji saying “my name is vadacurry, but I don’t have much to do here (ref. movie is titled as Vadacurry)”. Director gives Jai enough importance that almost any other character in the movie has little role to play, but when you leave the theater you know why its Vadacurry, without RJ Balaji movie might be rusty. Not a star cast unless you are going to consider Jei and Swathi as stars, whom I rate as actors. Venkat Prabhu, Premji has little roles to play; we can sort of guess the villian even if you fail to do so you’d say “I thought so” when villian is reveal.

Songs are fine, “Nenjukulla Nee Minnaladipa” will tune you heart and will make you float, the song has captured Jai’s trademark shoulder moves. If you are going to take your family(elders) to this movie beware there is Sunny Leone item number (hot smiley not supported). There is also one fast paced song involving few quick camera movements making it apt as (almost)climax song. Altogether a decent job has been done by newcomer duo composers Vivek Shiva and Mervin Solomon. Yuvan has chipped in with a song.

Comedy genre is one that made this movie a watchable, RJ Balaji has made a stamp for himself with witty one liners and funny sound carried straigth from his radio studio, I believe that he wrote his own dialogs not sure. The title of this post indeed highlights the importance of Balaji’s character which doesn’t have scope but makes you laugh everytime it appears on scene. Jai though cast as leal male brings sparks to make us laugh but only in presence of Balaji/ china mobile.

Swathi plays usual dumb heroine role. Jai has a MGR influenced brother, this guy’s honesty adds important twist to the story. I don’t know if Dayanidhi Azagiri has influence reviewers but I was fooled by the reviews all over internet. In some website I read the movie to be a thriller, but its not it, its fun entertainer. Few scenes involving turf wars and swift camera motion with average bgm can never qualify a movie to be thriller. Call it a comedy – drama movie you can watch it without deprivation. Moral of the story: Buy your own mobile; my addition- don’t go to this movie save Rs.150 and buy mobile with that. My Rating will be 2.5/5.

Thursday, July 10, 2014

Learning curve: SQL writing by Unlocking HR schema

Its been a long time since I have studied anything with enthusiasm or a goal to achieve. The last time was when I took MarkLogic CCP but I don’t remember anything on that now, I never got an opportunity to work on it, not even a POC. Now I’m part of study group which has a goal, to get certified in SQL writing.

The learning is exiciting after all the java codes I write and debug its a refreshing change to use SQL. Wait a minute, does that mean I’m not using any SQL database at the back end? No, Yes – my application uses Oracle 11g but I’m not having any SQL developer to work with it, rarely I open SQL + to check if password is to expire.

The bad part is that I have to fill boring tables to query on them, quering is natural to human but not recording :D Some guy said “I’ll find the laziest person to do toughest job so he finds a shortcut” guess he was rit! I found the lazy easy way to query without to having to record.

Unlock the HR user

So I found there is a user called HR who is locked and kept in Oracle 11g Express edition by default. The user has around 7 tables pre-loaded with records – Jackpot! all you have to do is to issue the simplest statement by logging in an user with admin rights, say – SYSTEM or SYS (depends on version and installation)


Novice tip: Not just 11g its available in many versions; yes as you see password for HR user is password. Done, if you get a message that reads ‘User altered’ hi-five yourself else bring that hand to face and do a face-palm your system admin might have deleted that account

Monday, June 23, 2014

The Oath of the Vayuputras – Debacles

Shiva Trilogy – Tells all the mythologies we already know and poorly explains way that all are humans – what else can you expect from an atheist. Yes Amish Tripathi as we know is not a spiritual guy, he was an atheist but grew faith as he wrote book – an absolute marketing stunt. Thus Lord Shiva smokes marijuana/chillum/meth/ganja or in whichever term you want to identify tobacco. Poor Millennial crowd caught the least message drew tattoo and smoked marijuana.

Coming to this book by reading the title I was sure that Vayuputras will have a great role to play in this last book but just one man from their tribe did and we know him by the name Shiva all along. Starting the review with so much negativity gives away all the content that will follow so let’s not do that.

Oath of Vayuputras - this time arrow was of use
Zipped Plot:

Nagas guides Shiva to Vasudevs place, they all join together. Branga, Kashi also forms alliance with Shiva. Shiva sends his sons to conquer Ayodhya; they pass tensed Magadh; waits for Magadh’s attacks from rear and manages to defeat them. Ayodhya is held immobile inside their fort. Shiva’s platoon gets the hold of Saraswati River. Shiva rushes to bring back their Ganesh’s platoon to strengthen the army while his platoon under Sati’s command faces minor defeat.

Shiva and Brihaspati leaves to meet Vayuputras to get daivi astra to threaten Meluhans, meanwhile a peace treaty is offered by Meluhans but it was a death trap and Sati gets killed. Enraged Shiva burns down Meluhan capital Devagiri with Pasupati astra he got from Vayuputras, but Karthik manages to save Somras artifacts and scientist for future. Shiva goes on exile to Himalayas (Tibet). Karthik re-establishes kingdoms south of India, Ganesh helps North rulers (emerged from split Meluha) to rule better, Bhagirath rules Ayodhya. Leaves a tribe under Veerabhadra’s adminstration to help the next Neelakanth.


  • Acute lack of research. As far I can recount Prahar is the only unit of measurement that he used from ancient period. Uses Km, inches and some modern measurement terms, I just found ‘dhanu’ measures length by simplest google search.
  • Shiva goes on exile? Mythology tells that Lord stays there but Mr. Amish tells us that Shiva was put on exile from India for 14 years by Vayuputras, who has no authority whatsoever over India since they live in different country?! Don’t smack your head yet.
  • All famous Meluhan characters you know dies! Except Nandhi but both his hands and legs are severed. Sati dies and so Shiva burns capital and “imperative” Meluhans dies along with city. Taking responsibility Parvateswar dies he takes along Anandamayi, princess of Ayodhya as they got married.
  • Wait for the punch, reason for all these mishap Lord Bhrigu is saved by most violent, blood loving warrior Karthik. Who also saves science and art of Somras because no one else knows about it, yes this all happened in spite of the fact that Brihaspati and his love Tara, Somras genius who are already with Lord Shiva!
  • Why kill Sati? In last chapter of this book author has rushed thru time to create connection to mythology by making Shiva settle in ice cave and with Nandhi as the only one communication medium. Karthik to South; Ganesh to North; hence Sati to death? WTF? Story rolls like that Sati is taken away and secured from slaughter field by King Dhaksha, her father. But she learns the evil plan and escapes to help her stranded men, King Orders to capture Sati but crazy soldiers will not chase her beyond fence of Devagiri! Later citizens of Devagiri will reach her before soldiers.
  • Shiva is Vayuputra! You read that write, it turns out that he is not only just Vayuputra but nephew of ‘Mithra’ – leader of Vayuputras. But wait this is secret so Shiva is treated as outsider and is kept that way to all Vayuputras till the end of story, again after giving Pasupati astra they are almost never mentioned again.
  • Shiva burns, Ganesh approves, Karthik saves! Shiva as the name gives away he burns a lot but Ganesh known for the clam composed mind gets in rage and supports Shiva, more surprise Karthik who was so far portrayed as War loving fellow turns humble and opposes astra but fearing his father wrath manages to save some and lets others evaporate. Such twist in characters holds very little connectivity.
  • Science! Science! Oh! Irritable explanation for third eye puts you off hold and makes you throw the book. Doesn’t stop there explains nuclear fission and fusion.
  • Never forget the architecture; he has carried this habit from part 1 where he explains Meluha construction and carries on to building ship, courtyard and other place he puts in a scene. Probably he was trying to put the reader into the scene but it slows down and beats the patience out of reader.
  • Describing Engineering is way too important!! Explaining water transport system of 100km was not enough that he also explain the Ice tomb where Sati is rested before cremation so readers who are mourning that ‘Sati the lead female has died’ can also marvel on engineering of Meluhan! Stop that $#!T can’t take anymore.
My sorrow – I would not, ever, never ever let well defined – well nurtured – well maintained physique like Anandamayi to burn. C’mon man she takes bath in milk! You can imagine the rest. I’m no womanizer, just a cross-thought.

There is nothing like pros and cons separate here, pointless, redundant depth in unimportant topics and briefing on important ones are hefty fines to be paid. One thing that I love – the cover picture (with arrow) made sense like it did in the part 1 (with Trident); which didn’t correlate in part two (with snakes). And another possible good thing is that I added ‘Underworld by Graham Hancock’ to my “TO READ” list extracted from Glossary of this book. Battles and Fights are better described in this part, I loved the Sati’s final fight with Egyptian Assasins.

Sunday, June 8, 2014

The Secret of Nagas - Book Review

Amish Tripathi, banker turned self-proclaimed successful author’s second book in the Shiva Trilogy is ‘The Secret of Nagas’. The book starts with where it left of in first part where a Naga attacks Sati, the wife of protagonist Shiva aka Neelakanth. Then proceeds to reveal the secret about Nagas and secret that Naga themselves guards, and then secret about evil.

The Secret of Nagas - Book Cover
Content Setting:
Upon defeating Ayodhyans of Chandravarshini clan Shiva realizes that they are not evil just that they are different, and Suryavarshinis have misunderstood and Shiva was mis-guided from there on. This makes Shiva to come to a decision that he’d travel to meet every tribe in India to learn who is good, who is evil. He also wishes to meet other tribes who are neither Suryavarshini nor Chandravarshini and for now convinced that Nagas are the source of evil.

Plot Summary:
Since the book had been around for long, I hope this will not be a spoiler.
Shiva with his close convoy leaves Ayodhya touching Magadh, the Kingdom is ruled by Mahendra. Aligning with Shiva’s visit elder prince gets assassinated and so Shiva leaves without creating any attention. Then reaches Kashi, it’s a neutral kingdom where Lord Rudra assassinated 80 Asuras and ordered that no more blood will be spilt, here Shiva-Sati pair gives birth to a boy – Karthik. Here in an uneventful way Shiva learns that Brangas are in contact with Nagas. So sets sail to Branga where he meets their King and learns they gets medicine for their plague from Nagas.

Shiva later finds that the medicine formula is also known to a bandit Parasuram, he decides to find him and extract formula so Branga will lead to Nagas. But it turns out that Parasuram is himself a follower of Neelkanth and is a Vasudev, all along Vasudevs has been guiding Shiva and was stunned to know that Nagas were kind to Parasuram. Meantime Sati while fighting pride of lions is saved by Nagas and discovers that Naga’s Queen Kali is her sister and the man how attacked her is none but her first son Ganesh.

When Shiva gets back to Kashi with Parasuram he meets Kali and gets acquainted but hates Ganesh as Shiva believes he is the killer of Brahaspati. Dhaksha visits Kashi and its revealed that Kali and Ganesh were hid from world by him and so Sati gets upset on him and he leaves angry on Shiva. After few months they all leave to Panchavati, the capital of Naga which has secretive route as defense. Soon after reaching the land the convoy was attacked by ships with daivi astra which later identified as joint effort of Meluha and Ayodhya. There Shiva meets his long lost friend Brahaspati whom he believed dead, and he reveals Somras is evil.


  • The story, ability to make Lord as normal human being and make everyone smoke Chillum – I don’t know if this is good
  • Connectable story; battles which are expressed in detail.


  • Probably I expect too much! Elaborate, in detail of silly stuff that it irritates you. Wants to fascinate us by describing engineering details but kills the pace of book.
  • Not a fluid flow, probably because in between furious duel stop to describe about the curvature angle of blade, the leather pouch it’s kept in and how the leather pouch was made and why trees are green.
  • I quoted that I’m able to connect to story since I worship every religious story I come across, but his stories are seriously misguiding at times that made me feel irritated and serious research is required to match even average knowledge guys like me and pandits will kill him.
  • Continuity lost control. While goes in details of fish in river forgets that fish is swimming close to giant warship – leaves the serious issues open ended continues it after 6 chapters this makes one feel awkward about understanding of last 5 chapters.
  • All of a sudden the defeated Ayodhyan loyalties falls in the feat of Shiva if that is ok as he is God but some go crazy over Suryavarshini, am I the only one worrying about logic.
  • Take that Matrix scene – Previous Neo, Oracle; Previous Neelakanth, tribes to guide + Lord Ram – I feel pity for this guy.
  • My own problem – The snake from book cover has no part to play, I was thinking of something like POP: Sand of times movie.
  • Never, ever, again ever complain about English standard or repeated usage of same word.

Sunday, May 25, 2014

Answer360 Archives

This post marks the merger of Answer360 blogspace with ScribbleShiva. All the blog posts from http://answer360.blogpost.com are imported to this blog space.

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Thursday, March 27, 2014

Wings of Fire

Though tagged under review I’m going to try and bring the essence of the book, in no means I have the guts to write review on a book that’s written on/by Dr. APJ Adbul Kalam. Unlike regular biographies the book is filled with information and facts on Indian Space research straight from Dr. Kalam’s diary, has very limited information on his personal life. From Preface of the book we can understand Mr. Arun Tiwari co-author of this book had brought up this idea to write a book and put it work. The book is organized in seven sections but the core content is put inside 4 sections – Orientation, Creation, Propitiation, and Contemplation. While the rest cover how and why this book formed and what it intends to convey. Dr. Kalam being a spiritual person has quoted poems and lines from Quran throughout the book.

Orientation starts with the birth of the legend Avul Pakir Jainulabdeen Abdul Kalam in Rameswaram to Ashiaamma and Jainulabdeen, Dr.Kalam’s father is a humble boat owner and spiritually motivated person. Schooling life taught Dr.Kalam more than formal education, his family memebers like Jallaluddin though uneducated had somethings to teach. He feeds of the liberal minds of his father and father’s good friend head priest Pakshi Lakshmana sastry and his teacher Siva Subramania Iyer as and when we encountered castesium/untouchability . Dr. Kalam went to St. Joseph College, Trichy for learning science with Physics as major then reaches MIT, Chennai to pursue his ambition – Aeronautics Engineer. He aspired to become a pilot but his physical limitations puts an end to that dream, but as God decided he lands as Scientist in INCOSPAR.

Creation talks about how Dr. Kalam pursued and loved research, it covers few projects in which he worked and some he helped. Nandi was his first dream, an indigenous hovercraft which was sadly shelved though the prototypes seemed to work as expected. While he was down on spirit, he was pulled by MGK Menon and placed in Space research wing of India which will be formed at Thumba & Hyderabad and he developed a good relationship with Prof. Vikram Sarabhai. Under his guidance Dr. Kalam was asked to develop various sounding rockets later he was asked to be the Project Director for SLV -3 under the leadership of Dr. Brahm Prakash. Prof. Sathish Dhawan takes over the place of Prof. Sarabhai after his sad demises, and joins the team to aid in making the first indigenous SLV. After a humiliating failure, the second trial of SLV launch on 18 July 1980 – 0803hrs functioned as expected and became a grand success this got Dr. Kalam a PadmaBhusan.

Propitiation, following his grand success as Project director of SLV, the reputation that Dr. Kalam gained interested Ministry of Defense. And this interest got him into research wing of defense – DRDO at Dehra Dun, where he was asked to develop advanced missiles. Dr. Kalam set his own research center at Imarat, where he spent much of energy on scientist and engineers to motivate them and to help them be enthusiastic. He started Project IGMDP for creating 5 missiles Prithvi -Surface to Surface; Trishul – tactical; Akash – Surface to Air; Nag – Anti-tank; Agni – Reentry missile. One by one his team was achieving the goals; this attracted the concentration of world super powers. Soon International powers exerted much pressure on Indian government to go against testing of Agni, since it had the capability to carry nuclear weapon. Midst intense international pressure and criticism of media Dr.Kalam and his team successfully tested Agni on 22 May 1989- 0710hrs.

On the previous night Dr.Kalam was confused and tensed as previous 2 launches were called off and funny cartoons started to appear all over newspapers. To keep Dr.Kalam calm and help him relax Defense Minister (at that time) quipped “Kalam! What would you like me to do to celebrate the Agni’s success tomorrow” in reply Dr. Kalam replied “we need 100,000 saplings to plants at RCI”. I’m still smiling just thinking of how simply can a Director level person in DRDO takes care of nature, and we make big banners and paper pamphlets to say don’t cut tree without realizing we are already doing harm. Later in a university convocation he asked the students there to come forward and join India’s mission to make Astra, Air to Air missile. Soon Dr. Kalam was awarded Padma Vibushan.

Contemplation, “A large number of scientist and engineers leave this country at their first opportunity to earn more money abroad. It is true that they definitely get greater monetary benefits, but could anything compensate for this love and respect from one’s own countrymen?” – Dr.Kalam’s own words. Can I discuss about while working in MNC? Yes I will. To me going there is not bad but refusing to come back is! Refusing to rise along is! Running away from this country as you feel its rotten is cruel. All are not rotten; we have to remove the rotten ones before they spoil everything! Will you join hand?

Epilogue: Though the book is published at the dawn of 21st century, the information shared is much limited to the year 1990, but the rest are added in this section in few paras. Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam, who served in nations Space and Defense research joined Dept. of Atomic energy. Here he played many key roles including involving him in Nuclear Test of May 1998 which brought multiple ban on India’s economy abroad, basically it’s all out of fear that India would develop. He is also part of Self Reliant Mission, 1995 – 2005 it’s focus is to make all essential technologies inside India-indigenously – for which he called for the support of students. Also envisioned ‘The Technology Vision -2020′; for not just making India self-reliant but above it, as a front runner in technology space. Since Dr.Kalam believes that technology can raise a country above all and make it a super power, though the intension is not battle we have always witnessed that the side with superior technology wins one. Dr.Kalam was recognized as an important and valuable citizen of India when he was awarded Bharat Ratna – India’s highest civilian award.

At the time the edition was printed Dr. Kalam was sworn in as the President of India and was also Professor of Technology and societal Transformation, Anna University, Chennai. Dr. Kalam has always supported the involvement of students in India’s technology research at very early stage as early as design phase of SLV. From then Educational institutions are roped in to support the research and development of indigenous technology.

Dr.Kalam tells that every person on this earth is born with a fire within, he asks us to give it wings and make it fly. He asks us to achieve our dreams no matter how long or how hard it is. With that note I’ll complete this write up.