Friday, November 22, 2013

Snake – Fear – Age – Don’t mix

Snakes have always been exciting part of my life they have occupied my dreams or played along or bite across. Its not like my previous encounters are less frightful or the last was most, anyway I had already got bitten in a birthday party at the age of 13 and didn’t even care to tell anyone till i had my share of cake

It was dull morning the previous night I left late from office and continued some left overs in home as pushed me to sleep real late I got up late. It’s my routine that I roam around my home while I brush its sort of ritual to me given that ours is a independent home someone have to ensure everything is at check. Switched on the computer to check mail I performed my ritual and OMG! I spotted a dead crow, poor life I never throw them into waste, if I spot them dead instead I bury them completing the earth cycle in my garden so it nourishes my plants. To my knowledge my garden gave rest for my 5 pet dogs, couple of squirrels and birds never for a crow though.

Then I saw the vacant land near by which is just separated by 3 foot wall from ours, since its not constructed yet and I used to play badminton there long back I show some affection to it. That affection has flourished into two big Vatham tree, I don’t know its English translation posting an image instead. Thought I could nourish them this time so started digging a pit there, given that monsoon is here so is mosquito I had to fight them but it was really difficult then I decided to light some twigs and leaves there so fire and smoke would force them away.

I put my crow bar in between lump of dry banana leaves and moved it close to me, felt a strange wet leaf crawling my leg. Wait how can a leaf crawl? I bend down to see its astonishing, its shiny brown is so different and moving whats it!! my heart stopped. I jumped the 3 foot compound in one shot I had no difficulty with adrenaline pumping across all tissues. I was trying my best to call my wife ‘Ga…’ was all that I could make.

I jumped across Well landed after dashing small bucket, hitting my hears couple of times thinking it had stopped beating and I have to do it to live finally after 5 mins things came clear. I called her first look she knew I’m not ok given that now I’m drenched in sweat, when I told that she started panicking as if it bitten me now. But made some fun later that when she was on similar situation as child she took is so easy, probably its the age c’mon I have played cricket with snakes. I know snakes won’t harm unless you step on them which I did when I was 13 though I had disturbed it now, I didn’t hurt it. Moreover most Indian snakes are not poisonous as they sound.

There is a saying in Tamil roughly translated as “An army will tremble on seeing snake”, may be its correct. Just the sight of it foxed me given that it was about 6 feet long. I have to say I’m so thankful to God that I’m here and writing this blog. But nothing stopped me from completing the last rights for the poor bird, I had my cousin who happened to visit our home cover me and buried it My last blog concluded with tears that I might not see my friendly snake ever again now I’m praying that I must not see it ever again.

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Forums and Logins

Forums and Q&A sites are IT guys main land, without them most would suffocate. These have always been the first step in analyzing, some do it literally! copy paste the error code even if it's by getting the business object exposed to outside world. An ordinary guy would copy the error message, google it, find multiple solutions in multiple sites and chooses what is easy to implement and if fixed done  its time to debug & fix the next error.

This cycle is so established that it won’t ever change  wait did I mentioned ‘cycle’ is it so? ask yourself have you been just extracting information or have actively participated? Most are designed in such a way that all the contents are accessible to anyone but edits are not possible and hence we don’t care even to register until a time comes where we have ask a new question that wasn’t asked ever.

Lets ask another question is signing up to any such Q&A site is advantageous? Yes! indeed yes given that you’d receive multiple mails from them on a day, even when you open up your personal mail id in front of boss you’d sound geeky enough to be called in for discussion right from design phase of projects  Fun aside we can never have enough time  I sent most of them to Trash without even reading the subject I know its not for me, at least not now.

So whats the advantage you get? the social presence that is going to land you on new world you never expected (hint: Career 2.0 on Stackoverflow). But this is not just the one thing, this is just another thing. The discussion which is going to happen when you pitch in with fantastic question and when you are replied back with awesome answers, soon you dive deep into subject and master it like none sitting around you imagine the bucket you are going to get in next cycle  ok that last addition is to lure you  Though ‘Jack of All’ might sound good, the Jack will be abused often at tough time and King will have to clear the ground, so better be a KING 

Rain drop that travels up

With the monsoon being set, last weekend we had much of rain fall. That called up our cricket match in CPC tournament @ Porur and hence had time to spend the weekend with family. Sunday early morning started from Chennai to Pondy yiee!  c’mon guys in and around of Pondicherry has temples too not just liquor shops, since its a family outing….. we visited 4 temple. First to Panchavadi Hanuman temple, then to a Saneeswarar temple then to Prathyangara temple close to it. After a fair breakfast we went to Manakula vinayagar temple.
Yes I heard you *enough* where does the rain drop travel upside? I’m gonna answers you, can’t you be patience & give this family man a chance to explain Pondy has good places to visit diving back… we had rain greeting us with mild showers and lovely drizzle it was nice pleasant drive. On the way we stopped I got down and relaxed found a nice white flower blooming from the shrub with its horn(old-days-speaker) like shape catching all the rain drops and holding them like cup.
To get the image of the flower I’m referring I tried googling like “White cone like flower” then “White cone like flower in Tamil Nadu” and then “White flower that grows in shrub” and finally got the image, which you can see now to the right. And now I’m seriously scared coz this wiki page on Brugmansia is describing that any part of it is venomous that day I plucked it without spilling water and presented it to my wife *Romeo* now I feel itchy.

On the way back to Chennai we visited Sri Aurobindo Ashram then to Auroville where we saw that golden globe called ‘Matrimandir’ peeping through gate back to ECR. Lost totally lost! the rain drops! sitting in the front seat hardly helping myself from sleeping I dozed often. When the rain showered hard it was irritating, slowly it went off then came back again as drizzle, what a sight the small drops landing on the windshield of Suzuki Estilo started to travel up I was like *wht* for clear view driver splashed some soap water and cleaned it, single wiper zoomed from my seat to drivers seat clearing view of driver and partially helping mine.
It was the aerodynamic design of Estilo’s windshield that made it possible. The windshield is so tilted that the drops traveled from as low as bonnet to top of car with speedy wind hurrying it away from car. I was like wow wow I want to observe this all day then it happen agian.
Particularly when driver splashed water and cleaned, water droplets in my view screamed to top, its an awesome sight. I’m not sure if that is a problem for driver but I enjoy the show. I was like as it is raining upside down and dancing to the tune of car engine. Its after a long time that I’m appreciating or getting excited about simple stuff, had any lately? please share them in comments.

Sunday, November 3, 2013

Where to Park when charges soars

Hi Chennai, I hope you completely understand the title. Last weekend went for a movie, at Escape, EA, Chennai. Its not the first time I visit EA and so I know where to park? but do you know?

Cool ah! parked bike in Spencer, which happens to be a shopping mall when I was schooling, now godown and office complex. Given the parking rate at EA I recommend every Chennaite to follow this parking method religiously till EA brings down fare also there is another building adjacent to Spencer offering paid parking service at reasonable rate. Also you can park at Sathyam cinemas complex, charge is lower than Spencer but riskier.

Similarly there is another place where you’d cry on seeing the parking receipt Phoenix Market City, Velacherry, Chennai thats the only place which made me wished that I had a car(no no parking rate are no lower but reasonable). This place is quite a non sense coz there is no such places around to park like we can for EA now I’ll list what I have tried before.  Safest: Park bike at Spencer’s approx. 1Km from Phoenix mall towards east. Tempting: Park at banks around the mall like SBI or ICICI(google you can find where its). Don’t: Parking in open ground 100m west of Phoenix entrance, the place already looks like a auto garage, you do want your engine to travel back so don’t risk.

Other malls I have been to have good public transport facility aligned or with reasonable parking charge. Are you expecting that mall which is near your home which is charging you high to start in the where to park? ok then list it down in the comment we’d try to visit that and analyse the custom & culture there WE is a strong word rit… none of them is digestible anyway *middle class mind*

Pizza corner: Tragedy

As a part of ‘Life after marriage’ ritual we went to movie this weeked ‘Raja Rani’ nice movie, lite & simple. Carrying on the good mood we decided to have dinner outside midway to home, later decided to go to any pizzeria to have some lite snack. Found Pizza corner in 100ft road, Velacherry, we jumped in and order coke, salad, pizza and asked them to serve in that order. Restaurant was close to empty and India innings was closing to defeat, I hung my head down, felt some heat... its my dear wife who is not happy that I’m giving cricket match enough importance to spoil the evening *OoO* girls will they ever learn?
Ah! the salad came, its not becoz its healthy or green but recently I have developed a particular interest with salad so pardoned for bring it ahead of coke. I saw the salad *fail* there was no green nor corn neither cheese, olive as specified in the description of dish I double checked, the bowl was full of pasta just pasta which is hated most by her *second heat wave*
We order, have to eat I decided to serve as she is still recovering from the shock that I have ordered something which has PASTA, but where is the spoon!?! then I asked for the spoon. Soon came the glass full of ice cubes with coke filling the gaps! that’s it I’m not happy, promising to bring 300ml Coke but coming up with chilled water colored as coke and charge Rs.55 per glass + tax *irritating*. Enough is Enough I again called the waiter asked him question in a tone similar to “Ethana pazham vanga sonnen” the classic Goundamani – Senthil – banana comedy.
I was never satisfied with answers like “its regular that we put 4 cubes”, “it taste better” etc., fail after fail spoon is yet to come, finally had the salad with irritated mood not before complaining about it. This time they offered to make another salad with appropriate or at least specified ingredients, in my top voice I conformed that “Thou shall make another salad but only if it is to be served as complementary”. Waiter shaked his head but I didn’t figure that out if its yes or no but he left and soon came with pizza. The only thing which was good there was pizza, happily had it.
Then came the second bowl of salad *free* but neither this was green or rich in corn and other stuff , pasta dominated the dish may be they named the dish wrongly its pasta salad; anyway who says no to freebie I ate them all and removed the half melt ice cubes outta glass placed it in plate and drank coke. My wife made a disgusting look when I used fork and spoon to fish ice cubes out so did some other ppl who cares I want coke not cubes!
Hope now you can figure out the I’m not talking about tragedy happened in PC, but the visit to PC or Pizza Corner is itself a tragedy. I’m thinking of opening up new restaurant for myself given the current state of IT economy I always want to have second door opened in case to use them. Also vote for you favorite pizzeria mine is Pizza Hut. Have you ever had such dumb experience in places which had earned great names let me help you remember them Domino, Pizza hut, KFC, Mc D, CCD and so on? do share them in comment.