Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Old is Gold: Vaitheeswaran Koil

My parent’s Shastiapthapoorthi just happened on 8th Oct atThirukadaiyurAmritaghateswarar – Abirami Temple, we were so glad that all poojai took place on Nandhi mandapam. My scheduled next stop was my uncle home for virunthu . But after getting boosted with abundant spiritual aura can’t stop myself from stopping for Vaitheeswaran koil on the way, that evening along with my wife experienced the glory of good old times.
Though Vaithyanatha swamy(Lord Shiva as Lingam) is the prime deity, Muthukumaraswamy stole the day, the panchaloga figurine of Lord Murugan in the shrine. Its Urchavar as its referred here since the figure is movable and comes out of the mandapam on special occasions.
We went inside temple purified ourselves with holy water in temple pond, worshiped goddess Thaiyal Nayagi then stood in front of Lord Shiva for a very long time, but no poojari-iyer dropped by I’m not sure what special occasion it is on 08-Oct-13, as we saw many move towards closed doors of particular mandapam we went along and stood there. Blinking I tried to figure out whats happening, asked my cousin, neither he was sure, Tamil letter written on mandapam read “Sri MuthuKumara Swamy”.
Bells started to ring, some other musical instruments joined-in *wow* then electric drums joined in with the touch of switch *thud* Power went off!
Power cut is taken as a bad sign, coz it cuts out light and drums, but bells and other hymes continued.
Slowly, steadily the small agaldeepam and other lamps lighted across temple started to make their signature.
Soon the music reached its peak some strange vibrations carried me away.
Then *Flash* doors of mandapamwere opened, its was neatly lit with lamps from top to bottom.
Whole mandapan was gleaming with lights reflecting from Mirrors and Silver pallaku.
On top of this came the Raja deepam and kept our eyes fixed on the Glittering charm of the God.
I closed my eye and was travelling to some other dimension for few minutes.
Its impossible to see temple without electrical fittings these days, but that few minutes has dragged us past every other distraction in this world. Soon when light came my eyes started to wander over and around the pallaku, floor and roof of mandapam ,now I’m hardly worshipping! Ain’t these old ways of worshiping are golden, still most temple has not changed they light only small lamps in Karpa-Graham no electrical fittings, but the rest are not spared. Even-though lighting everything high might give great detail on the architectural wonders of our ancient rulers, still I wish such special arrangements can be made to turn off the light for few minutes like this, what you think on this?