Sunday, July 21, 2013

Puthu kovilum Putho tilesum, as they are built

Its grand Aadi season here in Tamil Nadu wherever you  go you'd be followed by awful music from no mercy speakers. Yes this is the first post dedicated for it. Hindu is not a religion but it's idealism,  a way to unite people, that's perfectly constructed by assuming separate task to every God, no single God worship. Hindus moved from nature worship to idol worship, but that doesn't mean that we don't have nature worship we have created a idol for them and countinued to worship them in different form.

Snake is a beautiful reptile, I have made friend with few too... (got time? search my blog to know what I mean). Our ancestor found the nature law, 'every living creature on earth is important for the ecosystem to be balance'. Maybe to make sure snakes are not killed fearing their venom they made them as God too! Not just idol snakes, they are worshiped as they are at their conquered(from rats and termite) nest or puthu.

Puthu as it used to be in open aside shrubs
Lets not concentrate if snake drinks milk or broken raw egg, but we have to understand the fact that neither snakes builts a towering puthu. The milk is meant for true builders of the puthu - 'Termite'. These puthu as its worshiped decades ago without the new idea of renovating was true resident for both termite and snake. While rain collapses it, they are re-built around shrubs and plants, giving enough space for snakes to hide for prey.

But when single god worship started spreading like never before, Hindus started believing that they are also a religion which sadly made them re-structure every temple which was actually meant for cultural & architectural importance, social gathering, eco-system balancing, treasure chest and governing.
Pretty cool Puthu kovil built right but sadly not snake friendly anymore!

The temple to see to the right of this text is close to my home, awesome place to visit; waterbody in background is Nanmangalam yeri. I have hyperlined Google map try to visit, its a nice place to spend evening.

Puthu kovil are no exception to re-structuring process, now its getting its cement touch; leaving no space for the termite to built or snake to slither. And guess the result puthu is getting low on height everyday... now people blame each other for not being pure :P lame! Then to make the gods happy as they put it they have crazy aadi funtions!! And guess the funds? yes its flows from our pocket and returns to us as noise in ears and punch in face when you deter to change this falwed process.