Monday, July 22, 2013

Who moved my cheese - A review

Who moved my cheese by Spencer Johnson, a fable written to stress on coping with changes. The book's blurb claims that a manager read the book had distributed it to every fellow in the organization, wow!this book must be great. The books has one message 'Changes will be there and you have to cope with them' though for a little fable this message is good enough.

The book starts with a get-together of old friends, where one starts talking about this fable which inspired him and many in his office, sooner the eager friends wants to hear the story too. So they all sit together and listen to the story at the end they discuss the above mentioned message again via the characters in the story.

Story line:

There is a big maze for finding cheese(success), 4 characters are in the maze: 2 mouse Sniff and Scurry, 2 little men Ham and Hew. Everyday they have to run for their cheese, one day they find surplus supply in a station(ref. this a position in real life) little men decides to settle down there and take it granted. But mouses doesn't they await changes as they smell quality of cheese & measure quantity of cheese so they tie shoes to their neck so that they can move when they want. One day they ran outta cheese at that station, soon mouse started running for cheese. But little men choose to stay thinking someone has to come back with cheese, after long time Haw decides to go in search for new cheese. Sometime later Haw comes back to Hem and calls him with new bits of cheeses he found on way but Hem refuses. At last Haw finds new cheese station and hopes that Hem would catch up following the handwritten trails left by Haw himself.

Lesson from the story:

1. Change Happens - They Keep Moving The Cheese

2. Anticipate Change - Get Ready For The Cheese To Move

3. Monitor Change - Smell The Cheese Often So You Know When It Is Getting Old

4. Adapt To Change Quickly - The Quicker You Let Go Of Old Cheese, The Sooner You Can Enjoy New Cheese

5. Change - Move With The Cheese

6. Enjoy Change! - Savor The Adventure And Enjoy The Taste Of New Cheese!

7. Be Ready To Change Quickly And Enjoy It Again - They Keep Moving The Cheese

Truth is I forgot the moral of story as I have to dig this one outta Wikipedia lame! Actually story translates to personalities in real life as Sniff the one who senses, Scurry the one who acts quickly, Ham the one adapts to changes before its too late, Hem the one who don't want to act(change). This roughly translate to a Tamil story on fishes "வருமுன் காப்போம் - வந்தபின் செயல்படுவோம் - வரட்டும் பாப்போம்". Where one fish escapes the drought by sensing time of summer other saves itself by hard work later, 3rd poor fellow who does nothing dies sadly. I'm not sure about title if you have your children in kinder garden poke them they might know! Oops! I forgot corporate guys we only love International School and complain about the fee :P #noharm

My rating to this novella is 3/5, trust me if I had not heard much about this book it would have been 3.5 at least. But after the much expectation this book created by its blurb and people I know I was up for something even more. The book didn't talk about self-satisfactory stuffs this is no stress buster, I'm sure one can't win life only by following this. Many more stuffs are there in the market to beat this up into pulp :P

Sunday, July 21, 2013

Puthu kovilum Putho tilesum, as they are built

Its grand Aadi season here in Tamil Nadu wherever you  go you'd be followed by awful music from no mercy speakers. Yes this is the first post dedicated for it. Hindu is not a religion but it's idealism,  a way to unite people, that's perfectly constructed by assuming separate task to every God, no single God worship. Hindus moved from nature worship to idol worship, but that doesn't mean that we don't have nature worship we have created a idol for them and countinued to worship them in different form.

Snake is a beautiful reptile, I have made friend with few too... (got time? search my blog to know what I mean). Our ancestor found the nature law, 'every living creature on earth is important for the ecosystem to be balance'. Maybe to make sure snakes are not killed fearing their venom they made them as God too! Not just idol snakes, they are worshiped as they are at their conquered(from rats and termite) nest or puthu.

Puthu as it used to be in open aside shrubs
Lets not concentrate if snake drinks milk or broken raw egg, but we have to understand the fact that neither snakes builts a towering puthu. The milk is meant for true builders of the puthu - 'Termite'. These puthu as its worshiped decades ago without the new idea of renovating was true resident for both termite and snake. While rain collapses it, they are re-built around shrubs and plants, giving enough space for snakes to hide for prey.

But when single god worship started spreading like never before, Hindus started believing that they are also a religion which sadly made them re-structure every temple which was actually meant for cultural & architectural importance, social gathering, eco-system balancing, treasure chest and governing.
Pretty cool Puthu kovil built right but sadly not snake friendly anymore!

The temple to see to the right of this text is close to my home, awesome place to visit; waterbody in background is Nanmangalam yeri. I have hyperlined Google map try to visit, its a nice place to spend evening.

Puthu kovil are no exception to re-structuring process, now its getting its cement touch; leaving no space for the termite to built or snake to slither. And guess the result puthu is getting low on height everyday... now people blame each other for not being pure :P lame! Then to make the gods happy as they put it they have crazy aadi funtions!! And guess the funds? yes its flows from our pocket and returns to us as noise in ears and punch in face when you deter to change this falwed process.

Thursday, July 11, 2013

What makes Internet Explorer the King? - I

IE the King

‘Give me the power of IE’ this will be the cry of most modern browser that you’d fight for its code analysis tools, synchronization, bookmark organizer, plug-ins, attractive themes, overriding fast paced processing speed, HTML5 comp., and some more. So whats so powerful in IE? well IE is a part of Windows OS and not any application that you install that’s more than enough for anyone to say its important, lemme list out some more points.

1. Hard times went but still most organization ran their test and compatibility check with IE for that simple reason that IE came pre-installed with every Windows OS.

2. It is Robust, delay in process but completes it. I have tried IRCTC* tatkal booking with IE, Firefox, Chrome, Safari, Opera all failed but IE had the least failure rate.

3. It is Safe and Strong, for there is a reason only rich countries are invaded ok no more parodies on praise post. It follows protocol of browsers strictly, that’s also why it has lost in the competition of graphic browsers.

4. Connectivity with Windows Explorer, which lets you have a shortcut keys for favorites. Just go to properties of favorites and you can see that text box talking shortcut. Now you need not open IE and open bookmark, just the shortcut key will open the favorite in your default browser.

But since the inception of Chrome the usage of IE has been crashing and still is slipping low so low eventually around May 2012 it had given up its No.1 spot to Chrome. Still there are few analytic firm which reports IE to be No.1 browser, since different firm takes different websites to sample & rate there is obvious variation in their rating. Trust me I’m not doing to include parody on same post which praise IE. It’s actually cursed to work in IE 6 now, but still for the better protection/security most of our associate’s VDI/VM has only IE 6, I serious don’t understand the idea of Client to think updated versions are vulnerable *sick*

The relief came in next version IE 7 tabbed browsing nice feature, it came along with Vista; thought Vista didn’t hit bumper but IE 7 became widely popular but it had complaints on speed so was starting to give up to Firefox. Then came IE 8 not that fast, not so extensible, no good make up suddenly rating of all browsers going down guess what Chrome has arrived! yet XP users cherished it as its the last support for them so IE 8 is widely used. IE 9 came smashing with Win 7 also for Mobiles but rocked straight to ground, Chrome was kicking harder. IE 9 not available to XP even for Vista SP1 only for Vista SP2 users and of course Win 7.

Now I have left enough doubts so that I can continue ‘IE king’ on next part, ok till then relish on this YOUTUBE and WEBSITE content. *-Well we all know when a browsers fails the IRCTC test its not the problem of browser, but somehow IE knows the trick to make even IRCTC look like a site that crashes often not always.