Monday, March 25, 2013

Are we Social or E - Social

How many of us are ready to sit next to the unknown person in a bus? and how many of us ready to give ‘like’ to cute photo posted by anyone on a social networking site? Obvious second question will out number first by 90% ok if you feel I’m tricking you like hedge fund analyst then try answering next question. Your friend works 2 floors above you, today is his birthday will you walk to wish him or send a (c)tweet or post a wish on wall or mail with mutual friends on cc?(in-case you are not going to get any treat)

Very much a debatable topic, lets look deep into the word ‘Social’ and how it was regarded a decade back. Millennium saw new changes Globalization seed showed visible growth. People started to handshake with most people they met, in India caste and complexion difference got eradicated with the Gen X getting on top. Couple of decade back my mom was employed before marriage, she used to share her office experience at times where she met her man and got married. She used to cruse her female colleague whom sits with gang of men and chats for longtime even asks my mom to join in so my mom can be social too! My mom’s perspective was that working along with men is respectable limit of ‘social’ her colleague thought sharing jokes and patting along is also social (may be not beyond) limit was variable. Moral: My mom’s perspective matched most women of that days perspective so some other word like ‘flirting’ can be used for colleague of my mom.

Now women thinking like my mom are rare case (excuse me they don’t exist ), not just now when my sis started to work close to a decade ago. If my sis follows the boundary of my mom then she’d be regarded moody if a girl follows my mom limit now she’ll be teased not drifting away from topic the word social has always seen modifications in its definition. Coming back to the second question meeting him in person or sending a personal sms or making call are only for lovely friends so others get wishes on walls, mails… means do you want the world to know you have wished?

My bird brains analysis is that getting social in today life is not just between two persons (that’s why you get mutual friends into act) again drifting away. So what I mean by E-social, simple its the Gen Y’s social – “letting everyone know whom you know, hate, like, ditched, loved, married, la*d, @#$… ok shiva stop scribbling” :P So have we lost the real social life? like knowing one persons life crossing the ‘blue – white’ wall or micro-blogging sites? question to think deeply isn't it? My Dad is still a family friend for his colleagues but us? never cross line “don’t ask my personal I’m already frustrated with my wife go give like to my ‘honey moon’ photo….” oh please I’m not yet marriage chill!!! was trying to depict today’s world.

Now again a question whats the name of your best friends mom? do you know his address at-least which area ok if not city? God-O-God!! true right I made you think all you know is his ‘Name’ ‘Username’ ‘institution he is in’ ‘gender’ ‘cities he went to’ at time ‘password’ So coining a word E-Social is right or again changing the definition of social is enough? I don’t know!!! Now I’m thinking for myself who I’m going to make this post a propaganda may be I’d make my female friends like this post that way I can get couple more likes from guys no harm only pain truth not just social networking sites. :P ‘gender inequality exist’ $#!& if this was from a girl this would have be thought like AWESOME if(user.gender==male){trash} again deviation… ok meet you later