Saturday, January 19, 2013

How to Buy external Hard disk drive? Things to look for in External Hard disk drive

Here I'm trying to discuss about optimal performance but absolute value for money

Brand: Must be top brand offering warranty at least for 2-3 years, don't confuse Top brand is totally different from popular brand(cheaper its popular will be in India most here don't mind performance). These days manufacturers are offering 5 year warranty too.

Connection: Can be two ways Firewire or USB. These days USB is sported high cause can be connected with most computers. But choose what best suits you cause Firewire's performance is unmatchable to USB.

Speed: Seek time <10ms  | Buffer Size > 4Mb  |  RPM : 5,400 - 7,200

(Please keep in mind values here are for optimum performance, go higher if you can spend)

Size: Must be greater than 80GB, as said before if you can spend go for bigger but not biggest it will degrade performance.

Search: If you reading this post its obvious that you are searching sites for idea, but don't stop here. Go to Manufactures site itself compare with their own products. Wide information is available these days use them.

How / Where to get: In Chennai, Ritchie Street (close to 'The Hindu' office) is best to buy but only if you have a expert by your side else opt from showrooms like Croma. Every manufactures are having their own retail shops to check them too. If you are buying in website make sure you choose 'Cash on Delivery' for payment unless you know its a trusted site ;)

Happy in meeting you with another query, many friends of mine owns external hard disk drives but what most of them does is analyses and discuss about it after buying, that's not a great habit to have. But outta those discussions I have brought some ideas, hope they helped you.

Saturday, January 5, 2013

How do you feel when you roam in monk mode for 40days and then nothing for it

Sabarimala season 12-13, fantastic Bhajan year... hope this year has the most number of bhajans ever. I play dolak in my bhajan group many regarded that I played best this year, on 29th Dec when I realized this I was so proud cause so far I'm the only person to attend all bhajan *yeah* Hustle morning on 30th Dad and I went out to buy the last sack of coconuts for the Ketu nirai on 1st Jan 2013. Mom peeped from living room to drawing room signaling dad that his daughter i.e., my sister wants to talk.

*Boom* She is gonna give birth *Shock* there was another poojai this morning dad left me to take care of sis and left for Poojai as its very important poojai and he can't stay back. That moment When doctor said she'll deliver the baby by 3:30pm I was taken a back... Sabarimala locked for me this season.

I was pushing time with rough hand... I almost started to cry. *WT#* is this life... 40 days it has been in "monk mode" imagine how much a 22 year old guy would have stopped himself from for this :( shit you life. I mean can't doctor's predict the birth, grave of all the last check that just happened a day ago doc conformed birth would be only after 20 days... what kind of joke is made on me >.<

Sitting in the metal sofa I was thinking about the Hilton party from my office that I missed, the outing, the cake, the joy.... some more pitty things and some most heartily together... it all flashed in front and faded as I looked at the clock its 4:00pm nurse will bring the new life out any moment I have to take dad back to hospital. We have removed our malai, refreshed I started the bike in joy mode :) bought some chocolates that my bro-in-law wanted.

The worst period for a man his 20 - 25 transition from boy to man, where most of his entertainment, rights are robbed.... overloading with heavy duties and denying all new rights saying he is inexperienced o.O As this widely accepted facts stands high with no respect to my emotions I was made to fly around in scooter and bikes. If  I had made it... this is my 16th year of Sabarimala yatra I was planning high from my 18th year to follow on 2014-15.

Then followed some good news on 31st that still I can make it there by reaching Erumeli first on 2nd Jan and then wore mala and take part in my 'Kettu nerai'. Responsibilities - Duties yeah! forgot them all I had to stay back :( more worries dad felt ill next day. And our whole family in self-critic mode!!!

All is well... Welcoming the new life to family we are relishing in joy... small cute hands, little fingers... rose reddish body that no one can resist from touching atleast once, twinkling eyes.... soft legs that would go red even with the softest touch. But yes nurse was always reminding about the infections that we have to be aware of. Distributing chocolates, toys for kids as new 'MAMA' I was convincing myself for the best bargain that I can make for 'Sabarimala lock down', getting better as always in the affection and love of owned ones :)