Friday, November 22, 2013

Snake – Fear – Age – Don’t mix

Snakes have always been exciting part of my life they have occupied my dreams or played along or bite across. Its not like my previous encounters are less frightful or the last was most, anyway I had already got bitten in a birthday party at the age of 13 and didn’t even care to tell anyone till i had my share of cake

It was dull morning the previous night I left late from office and continued some left overs in home as pushed me to sleep real late I got up late. It’s my routine that I roam around my home while I brush its sort of ritual to me given that ours is a independent home someone have to ensure everything is at check. Switched on the computer to check mail I performed my ritual and OMG! I spotted a dead crow, poor life I never throw them into waste, if I spot them dead instead I bury them completing the earth cycle in my garden so it nourishes my plants. To my knowledge my garden gave rest for my 5 pet dogs, couple of squirrels and birds never for a crow though.

Then I saw the vacant land near by which is just separated by 3 foot wall from ours, since its not constructed yet and I used to play badminton there long back I show some affection to it. That affection has flourished into two big Vatham tree, I don’t know its English translation posting an image instead. Thought I could nourish them this time so started digging a pit there, given that monsoon is here so is mosquito I had to fight them but it was really difficult then I decided to light some twigs and leaves there so fire and smoke would force them away.

I put my crow bar in between lump of dry banana leaves and moved it close to me, felt a strange wet leaf crawling my leg. Wait how can a leaf crawl? I bend down to see its astonishing, its shiny brown is so different and moving whats it!! my heart stopped. I jumped the 3 foot compound in one shot I had no difficulty with adrenaline pumping across all tissues. I was trying my best to call my wife ‘Ga…’ was all that I could make.

I jumped across Well landed after dashing small bucket, hitting my hears couple of times thinking it had stopped beating and I have to do it to live finally after 5 mins things came clear. I called her first look she knew I’m not ok given that now I’m drenched in sweat, when I told that she started panicking as if it bitten me now. But made some fun later that when she was on similar situation as child she took is so easy, probably its the age c’mon I have played cricket with snakes. I know snakes won’t harm unless you step on them which I did when I was 13 though I had disturbed it now, I didn’t hurt it. Moreover most Indian snakes are not poisonous as they sound.

There is a saying in Tamil roughly translated as “An army will tremble on seeing snake”, may be its correct. Just the sight of it foxed me given that it was about 6 feet long. I have to say I’m so thankful to God that I’m here and writing this blog. But nothing stopped me from completing the last rights for the poor bird, I had my cousin who happened to visit our home cover me and buried it My last blog concluded with tears that I might not see my friendly snake ever again now I’m praying that I must not see it ever again.

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Forums and Logins

Forums and Q&A sites are IT guys main land, without them most would suffocate. These have always been the first step in analyzing, some do it literally! copy paste the error code even if it's by getting the business object exposed to outside world. An ordinary guy would copy the error message, google it, find multiple solutions in multiple sites and chooses what is easy to implement and if fixed done  its time to debug & fix the next error.

This cycle is so established that it won’t ever change  wait did I mentioned ‘cycle’ is it so? ask yourself have you been just extracting information or have actively participated? Most are designed in such a way that all the contents are accessible to anyone but edits are not possible and hence we don’t care even to register until a time comes where we have ask a new question that wasn’t asked ever.

Lets ask another question is signing up to any such Q&A site is advantageous? Yes! indeed yes given that you’d receive multiple mails from them on a day, even when you open up your personal mail id in front of boss you’d sound geeky enough to be called in for discussion right from design phase of projects  Fun aside we can never have enough time  I sent most of them to Trash without even reading the subject I know its not for me, at least not now.

So whats the advantage you get? the social presence that is going to land you on new world you never expected (hint: Career 2.0 on Stackoverflow). But this is not just the one thing, this is just another thing. The discussion which is going to happen when you pitch in with fantastic question and when you are replied back with awesome answers, soon you dive deep into subject and master it like none sitting around you imagine the bucket you are going to get in next cycle  ok that last addition is to lure you  Though ‘Jack of All’ might sound good, the Jack will be abused often at tough time and King will have to clear the ground, so better be a KING 

Rain drop that travels up

With the monsoon being set, last weekend we had much of rain fall. That called up our cricket match in CPC tournament @ Porur and hence had time to spend the weekend with family. Sunday early morning started from Chennai to Pondy yiee!  c’mon guys in and around of Pondicherry has temples too not just liquor shops, since its a family outing….. we visited 4 temple. First to Panchavadi Hanuman temple, then to a Saneeswarar temple then to Prathyangara temple close to it. After a fair breakfast we went to Manakula vinayagar temple.
Yes I heard you *enough* where does the rain drop travel upside? I’m gonna answers you, can’t you be patience & give this family man a chance to explain Pondy has good places to visit diving back… we had rain greeting us with mild showers and lovely drizzle it was nice pleasant drive. On the way we stopped I got down and relaxed found a nice white flower blooming from the shrub with its horn(old-days-speaker) like shape catching all the rain drops and holding them like cup.
To get the image of the flower I’m referring I tried googling like “White cone like flower” then “White cone like flower in Tamil Nadu” and then “White flower that grows in shrub” and finally got the image, which you can see now to the right. And now I’m seriously scared coz this wiki page on Brugmansia is describing that any part of it is venomous that day I plucked it without spilling water and presented it to my wife *Romeo* now I feel itchy.

On the way back to Chennai we visited Sri Aurobindo Ashram then to Auroville where we saw that golden globe called ‘Matrimandir’ peeping through gate back to ECR. Lost totally lost! the rain drops! sitting in the front seat hardly helping myself from sleeping I dozed often. When the rain showered hard it was irritating, slowly it went off then came back again as drizzle, what a sight the small drops landing on the windshield of Suzuki Estilo started to travel up I was like *wht* for clear view driver splashed some soap water and cleaned it, single wiper zoomed from my seat to drivers seat clearing view of driver and partially helping mine.
It was the aerodynamic design of Estilo’s windshield that made it possible. The windshield is so tilted that the drops traveled from as low as bonnet to top of car with speedy wind hurrying it away from car. I was like wow wow I want to observe this all day then it happen agian.
Particularly when driver splashed water and cleaned, water droplets in my view screamed to top, its an awesome sight. I’m not sure if that is a problem for driver but I enjoy the show. I was like as it is raining upside down and dancing to the tune of car engine. Its after a long time that I’m appreciating or getting excited about simple stuff, had any lately? please share them in comments.

Sunday, November 3, 2013

Where to Park when charges soars

Hi Chennai, I hope you completely understand the title. Last weekend went for a movie, at Escape, EA, Chennai. Its not the first time I visit EA and so I know where to park? but do you know?

Cool ah! parked bike in Spencer, which happens to be a shopping mall when I was schooling, now godown and office complex. Given the parking rate at EA I recommend every Chennaite to follow this parking method religiously till EA brings down fare also there is another building adjacent to Spencer offering paid parking service at reasonable rate. Also you can park at Sathyam cinemas complex, charge is lower than Spencer but riskier.

Similarly there is another place where you’d cry on seeing the parking receipt Phoenix Market City, Velacherry, Chennai thats the only place which made me wished that I had a car(no no parking rate are no lower but reasonable). This place is quite a non sense coz there is no such places around to park like we can for EA now I’ll list what I have tried before.  Safest: Park bike at Spencer’s approx. 1Km from Phoenix mall towards east. Tempting: Park at banks around the mall like SBI or ICICI(google you can find where its). Don’t: Parking in open ground 100m west of Phoenix entrance, the place already looks like a auto garage, you do want your engine to travel back so don’t risk.

Other malls I have been to have good public transport facility aligned or with reasonable parking charge. Are you expecting that mall which is near your home which is charging you high to start in the where to park? ok then list it down in the comment we’d try to visit that and analyse the custom & culture there WE is a strong word rit… none of them is digestible anyway *middle class mind*

Pizza corner: Tragedy

As a part of ‘Life after marriage’ ritual we went to movie this weeked ‘Raja Rani’ nice movie, lite & simple. Carrying on the good mood we decided to have dinner outside midway to home, later decided to go to any pizzeria to have some lite snack. Found Pizza corner in 100ft road, Velacherry, we jumped in and order coke, salad, pizza and asked them to serve in that order. Restaurant was close to empty and India innings was closing to defeat, I hung my head down, felt some heat... its my dear wife who is not happy that I’m giving cricket match enough importance to spoil the evening *OoO* girls will they ever learn?
Ah! the salad came, its not becoz its healthy or green but recently I have developed a particular interest with salad so pardoned for bring it ahead of coke. I saw the salad *fail* there was no green nor corn neither cheese, olive as specified in the description of dish I double checked, the bowl was full of pasta just pasta which is hated most by her *second heat wave*
We order, have to eat I decided to serve as she is still recovering from the shock that I have ordered something which has PASTA, but where is the spoon!?! then I asked for the spoon. Soon came the glass full of ice cubes with coke filling the gaps! that’s it I’m not happy, promising to bring 300ml Coke but coming up with chilled water colored as coke and charge Rs.55 per glass + tax *irritating*. Enough is Enough I again called the waiter asked him question in a tone similar to “Ethana pazham vanga sonnen” the classic Goundamani – Senthil – banana comedy.
I was never satisfied with answers like “its regular that we put 4 cubes”, “it taste better” etc., fail after fail spoon is yet to come, finally had the salad with irritated mood not before complaining about it. This time they offered to make another salad with appropriate or at least specified ingredients, in my top voice I conformed that “Thou shall make another salad but only if it is to be served as complementary”. Waiter shaked his head but I didn’t figure that out if its yes or no but he left and soon came with pizza. The only thing which was good there was pizza, happily had it.
Then came the second bowl of salad *free* but neither this was green or rich in corn and other stuff , pasta dominated the dish may be they named the dish wrongly its pasta salad; anyway who says no to freebie I ate them all and removed the half melt ice cubes outta glass placed it in plate and drank coke. My wife made a disgusting look when I used fork and spoon to fish ice cubes out so did some other ppl who cares I want coke not cubes!
Hope now you can figure out the I’m not talking about tragedy happened in PC, but the visit to PC or Pizza Corner is itself a tragedy. I’m thinking of opening up new restaurant for myself given the current state of IT economy I always want to have second door opened in case to use them. Also vote for you favorite pizzeria mine is Pizza Hut. Have you ever had such dumb experience in places which had earned great names let me help you remember them Domino, Pizza hut, KFC, Mc D, CCD and so on? do share them in comment.

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Old is Gold: Vaitheeswaran Koil

My parent’s Shastiapthapoorthi just happened on 8th Oct atThirukadaiyurAmritaghateswarar – Abirami Temple, we were so glad that all poojai took place on Nandhi mandapam. My scheduled next stop was my uncle home for virunthu . But after getting boosted with abundant spiritual aura can’t stop myself from stopping for Vaitheeswaran koil on the way, that evening along with my wife experienced the glory of good old times.
Though Vaithyanatha swamy(Lord Shiva as Lingam) is the prime deity, Muthukumaraswamy stole the day, the panchaloga figurine of Lord Murugan in the shrine. Its Urchavar as its referred here since the figure is movable and comes out of the mandapam on special occasions.
We went inside temple purified ourselves with holy water in temple pond, worshiped goddess Thaiyal Nayagi then stood in front of Lord Shiva for a very long time, but no poojari-iyer dropped by I’m not sure what special occasion it is on 08-Oct-13, as we saw many move towards closed doors of particular mandapam we went along and stood there. Blinking I tried to figure out whats happening, asked my cousin, neither he was sure, Tamil letter written on mandapam read “Sri MuthuKumara Swamy”.
Bells started to ring, some other musical instruments joined-in *wow* then electric drums joined in with the touch of switch *thud* Power went off!
Power cut is taken as a bad sign, coz it cuts out light and drums, but bells and other hymes continued.
Slowly, steadily the small agaldeepam and other lamps lighted across temple started to make their signature.
Soon the music reached its peak some strange vibrations carried me away.
Then *Flash* doors of mandapamwere opened, its was neatly lit with lamps from top to bottom.
Whole mandapan was gleaming with lights reflecting from Mirrors and Silver pallaku.
On top of this came the Raja deepam and kept our eyes fixed on the Glittering charm of the God.
I closed my eye and was travelling to some other dimension for few minutes.
Its impossible to see temple without electrical fittings these days, but that few minutes has dragged us past every other distraction in this world. Soon when light came my eyes started to wander over and around the pallaku, floor and roof of mandapam ,now I’m hardly worshipping! Ain’t these old ways of worshiping are golden, still most temple has not changed they light only small lamps in Karpa-Graham no electrical fittings, but the rest are not spared. Even-though lighting everything high might give great detail on the architectural wonders of our ancient rulers, still I wish such special arrangements can be made to turn off the light for few minutes like this, what you think on this?

Friday, August 16, 2013

Delete and Manage Blogger Comments with Google + profile activated

Welcome to another How to series, in this post we’ll see how
to manage old comments after the Google + comments is activated in
your blog in Blogger. When G + shoved its head into Blogger they gave birth to Google + user profile and comments on blogger. This hybrid baby allows only Google + stuff but old comments are preserved, now whats the problem?

Once Google + Comment is activated in your blog,

  • The old comments become un-manageable.

  • Be it spam or not, you won’t be able to delete or spam it.

  • Readers can comment only when they sign in with Google
    +  comments restricting your reign

  • There is no one stop solution for managing Google + comments

  • Visit every post to manage the comments.

You can see no Comments option when G+ comments is activated

Alternately you manage from G+ too which is the only

So to manage old comments or let user comment in your blog
the old way disable the ‘ Google + Comment in Google + Options now you must
see Comments options coming up.

From here you can remove, delete, spam and yes it’s a one
stop solution to manage all comments,
but sadly past G+ comments on the post are removed and no more comments would appear.

Ah! Now you can manage all the Comment a cool one stop solution

Google is providing every way to get its social networking
site Google + to top, they have put off couple of services for it and merged
some. Blogger is a blog host site which was launched by Pyra labs later acquired
by Google, since its acquisition Blogger is getting tossed up and down. Just
ride the wave, have Google + User switched on but think before activating G+
comments, happy sharing knowledge! Good day!

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Life on Rapid lane

I wish I could roll years back and go back to school, desperately I need a break, a calm sleep, a day without hustle. Its been long since I had spoken to my mom or dad in the way I used to! or the way I play with my sister. Is this is how life has to go can’t I sit around and relax, can’t I ly in my mom’s lap, can’t I fight for remote with sis, can’t I ask dad to write letter and get astonished by his vocabulary! Its been long since I played with mud.
Rapid Lane to HELL

In my profile I used to mention I’m go green kid! but does that makes sense? I have not cleaned my garden for a month, have not watered plants for 3 months (BTW its raining). I’m not digging deep anymore to prepare manure! Just like my mind my garden is full of weeds! where is life I used to live? I was so passionate about cricket, been caught umpty times for playing cricket in class room, caught running around under construction site. I forgot how to climb tree, I’m not making sand castle anymore. If this is how adults wanna live I regret being an adult.
Cycle is now a permanent home to spider, can you believe I actually have rode cycle in steel slide in parks! Of course was often chased out for not being obedient who cares that’s my game. I used to ride cycle by crossing hands holding left handle in right hand and right in left, I’d fall often, bleeding like fool still I had that nose breaking glee! Now moving Hercules cycles is itself a herculean task!
Though I got new thinks to be happy about I don’t know if I’m really happy about how happy it is! just like the previous line my life is going thru hasty twist and turns. Many things have changed in last quarter not just for Cognizant, life has never been slow for me. Fast paced decisions, moves, works, social interaction is just taking toll me! I used to watch TV but not till midnight, and now I wanted it to keep it running for no reason. My relationship with sleep has failed long back I’m not even able to sleep in training classroom! I thought books could bring peace and sometime away from TV but things just keep adding in my life I’m watching TV and reading book at same and collapsing self!
I’m active everywhere and inactive inside! My life on a Rapid lane to hell!!

Monday, July 22, 2013

Who moved my cheese - A review

Who moved my cheese by Spencer Johnson, a fable written to stress on coping with changes. The book's blurb claims that a manager read the book had distributed it to every fellow in the organization, wow!this book must be great. The books has one message 'Changes will be there and you have to cope with them' though for a little fable this message is good enough.

The book starts with a get-together of old friends, where one starts talking about this fable which inspired him and many in his office, sooner the eager friends wants to hear the story too. So they all sit together and listen to the story at the end they discuss the above mentioned message again via the characters in the story.

Story line:

There is a big maze for finding cheese(success), 4 characters are in the maze: 2 mouse Sniff and Scurry, 2 little men Ham and Hew. Everyday they have to run for their cheese, one day they find surplus supply in a station(ref. this a position in real life) little men decides to settle down there and take it granted. But mouses doesn't they await changes as they smell quality of cheese & measure quantity of cheese so they tie shoes to their neck so that they can move when they want. One day they ran outta cheese at that station, soon mouse started running for cheese. But little men choose to stay thinking someone has to come back with cheese, after long time Haw decides to go in search for new cheese. Sometime later Haw comes back to Hem and calls him with new bits of cheeses he found on way but Hem refuses. At last Haw finds new cheese station and hopes that Hem would catch up following the handwritten trails left by Haw himself.

Lesson from the story:

1. Change Happens - They Keep Moving The Cheese

2. Anticipate Change - Get Ready For The Cheese To Move

3. Monitor Change - Smell The Cheese Often So You Know When It Is Getting Old

4. Adapt To Change Quickly - The Quicker You Let Go Of Old Cheese, The Sooner You Can Enjoy New Cheese

5. Change - Move With The Cheese

6. Enjoy Change! - Savor The Adventure And Enjoy The Taste Of New Cheese!

7. Be Ready To Change Quickly And Enjoy It Again - They Keep Moving The Cheese

Truth is I forgot the moral of story as I have to dig this one outta Wikipedia lame! Actually story translates to personalities in real life as Sniff the one who senses, Scurry the one who acts quickly, Ham the one adapts to changes before its too late, Hem the one who don't want to act(change). This roughly translate to a Tamil story on fishes "வருமுன் காப்போம் - வந்தபின் செயல்படுவோம் - வரட்டும் பாப்போம்". Where one fish escapes the drought by sensing time of summer other saves itself by hard work later, 3rd poor fellow who does nothing dies sadly. I'm not sure about title if you have your children in kinder garden poke them they might know! Oops! I forgot corporate guys we only love International School and complain about the fee :P #noharm

My rating to this novella is 3/5, trust me if I had not heard much about this book it would have been 3.5 at least. But after the much expectation this book created by its blurb and people I know I was up for something even more. The book didn't talk about self-satisfactory stuffs this is no stress buster, I'm sure one can't win life only by following this. Many more stuffs are there in the market to beat this up into pulp :P

Sunday, July 21, 2013

Puthu kovilum Putho tilesum, as they are built

Its grand Aadi season here in Tamil Nadu wherever you  go you'd be followed by awful music from no mercy speakers. Yes this is the first post dedicated for it. Hindu is not a religion but it's idealism,  a way to unite people, that's perfectly constructed by assuming separate task to every God, no single God worship. Hindus moved from nature worship to idol worship, but that doesn't mean that we don't have nature worship we have created a idol for them and countinued to worship them in different form.

Snake is a beautiful reptile, I have made friend with few too... (got time? search my blog to know what I mean). Our ancestor found the nature law, 'every living creature on earth is important for the ecosystem to be balance'. Maybe to make sure snakes are not killed fearing their venom they made them as God too! Not just idol snakes, they are worshiped as they are at their conquered(from rats and termite) nest or puthu.

Puthu as it used to be in open aside shrubs
Lets not concentrate if snake drinks milk or broken raw egg, but we have to understand the fact that neither snakes builts a towering puthu. The milk is meant for true builders of the puthu - 'Termite'. These puthu as its worshiped decades ago without the new idea of renovating was true resident for both termite and snake. While rain collapses it, they are re-built around shrubs and plants, giving enough space for snakes to hide for prey.

But when single god worship started spreading like never before, Hindus started believing that they are also a religion which sadly made them re-structure every temple which was actually meant for cultural & architectural importance, social gathering, eco-system balancing, treasure chest and governing.
Pretty cool Puthu kovil built right but sadly not snake friendly anymore!

The temple to see to the right of this text is close to my home, awesome place to visit; waterbody in background is Nanmangalam yeri. I have hyperlined Google map try to visit, its a nice place to spend evening.

Puthu kovil are no exception to re-structuring process, now its getting its cement touch; leaving no space for the termite to built or snake to slither. And guess the result puthu is getting low on height everyday... now people blame each other for not being pure :P lame! Then to make the gods happy as they put it they have crazy aadi funtions!! And guess the funds? yes its flows from our pocket and returns to us as noise in ears and punch in face when you deter to change this falwed process.

Thursday, July 11, 2013

What makes Internet Explorer the King? - I

IE the King

‘Give me the power of IE’ this will be the cry of most modern browser that you’d fight for its code analysis tools, synchronization, bookmark organizer, plug-ins, attractive themes, overriding fast paced processing speed, HTML5 comp., and some more. So whats so powerful in IE? well IE is a part of Windows OS and not any application that you install that’s more than enough for anyone to say its important, lemme list out some more points.

1. Hard times went but still most organization ran their test and compatibility check with IE for that simple reason that IE came pre-installed with every Windows OS.

2. It is Robust, delay in process but completes it. I have tried IRCTC* tatkal booking with IE, Firefox, Chrome, Safari, Opera all failed but IE had the least failure rate.

3. It is Safe and Strong, for there is a reason only rich countries are invaded ok no more parodies on praise post. It follows protocol of browsers strictly, that’s also why it has lost in the competition of graphic browsers.

4. Connectivity with Windows Explorer, which lets you have a shortcut keys for favorites. Just go to properties of favorites and you can see that text box talking shortcut. Now you need not open IE and open bookmark, just the shortcut key will open the favorite in your default browser.

But since the inception of Chrome the usage of IE has been crashing and still is slipping low so low eventually around May 2012 it had given up its No.1 spot to Chrome. Still there are few analytic firm which reports IE to be No.1 browser, since different firm takes different websites to sample & rate there is obvious variation in their rating. Trust me I’m not doing to include parody on same post which praise IE. It’s actually cursed to work in IE 6 now, but still for the better protection/security most of our associate’s VDI/VM has only IE 6, I serious don’t understand the idea of Client to think updated versions are vulnerable *sick*

The relief came in next version IE 7 tabbed browsing nice feature, it came along with Vista; thought Vista didn’t hit bumper but IE 7 became widely popular but it had complaints on speed so was starting to give up to Firefox. Then came IE 8 not that fast, not so extensible, no good make up suddenly rating of all browsers going down guess what Chrome has arrived! yet XP users cherished it as its the last support for them so IE 8 is widely used. IE 9 came smashing with Win 7 also for Mobiles but rocked straight to ground, Chrome was kicking harder. IE 9 not available to XP even for Vista SP1 only for Vista SP2 users and of course Win 7.

Now I have left enough doubts so that I can continue ‘IE king’ on next part, ok till then relish on this YOUTUBE and WEBSITE content. *-Well we all know when a browsers fails the IRCTC test its not the problem of browser, but somehow IE knows the trick to make even IRCTC look like a site that crashes often not always.

Sunday, June 30, 2013

Even bull shit can take you to top

Once there was a bird who was so complaining about its illness which is not letting it fly to the lowest branch of tree. The bull which was hearing this smacked some flies on its dick and started "well then have my shit you'd get better". On hearing this the bird sitting on the back of bull got shocked but hesitantly it was ready to give it a try.

The day after bird overcame its thoughts and started pecking on the dunk, first day itself bird was able to fly to the lowest branch of tree. Excited the bird took more shit and the following day, its was becoming healthy and fat. Within a week it got so well that with few strokes its able to reach the top of tree. The farmer some feet away spotted the bird, went into home came out with air gun and shoot the bird down.

Moral of the story: Even bull shit can take you to top, but it won't help you to stay there
This story is pretty old but always good for a smile :) heard it in a 'inner management' video of Sadhguru Jaggi Vasudev at my office
Even bull shit can take you to top, but it won't help you to stay there

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Road Rash rocks the hell outta you

Aww! Stinky 2004 P4 PC with no upgrades, it is a fact man! parents won’t upgrade it you are gonna use it to just play but then neither you’d have time to, once you cross school so PC was there in dust. I use PC as juke box, game player, movie downloader, and yes also for transferring song to and fro micro SD, alas social networking (only foundation later parts are done with sis Lappy) So this PC which once I used to play POP, NFS underworld, TrackMania, and such graphic card demanding games went well but slowly depleted RAM! then I had to switch to CLAW (yeah same ‘e-th-let’ claw), counter strike, duke in the middle part I played cool games like Hit Man and similar military strategy games!

Later 512MB Ram burned down it seriously burned down when I was trying to fit in SD RAM over ambitious me! Cool proccesor, it withstood I got new RAM and it's running but sadly; I burned down small slot in mother board costly to replace so I have enhanced with external audio card and dull RAM so now it is a juke box and have settled with ‘DAVE’ So when does this RoadRash gonna kick engine! 1 club, 1 chain, few punches and cool kicks of course race coming right away!

After a dull-no-serious-boring Sunday cricket match came sat in my PC! yeah the same dust one just started playing music. ‘Straight out of line’ wrecked all lightly placed article even my mom’s high pitch “off pannithola da” funny me dreamt of playing POP again! then made mind to download duke for some reason that site had another link for Road Rash! Gosh! how I forget Mike my favorite! in big game mode I choose him as me, Bose ever silent blue.silver and bossy Cyndey just beats up every one classic women ! Then I downloaded it! yeah! And started driving the Napa Valley and City without fear and of course I love crashing in on Zombie walkers with walkers.

Cool game! imagine such a context setting… violent race, illegal, thugs, and most innovative Restroom is for options I just fell for it again! have cleared Level 3 was in midas touch that day, I cleared all 5 routes in straight single drive without even a single ram! wow man but then looked at clock 11:30pm ah! what’s more cool than this …. then I played again Napa Valley Level 4 finally closed if after Caesar asked for a ‘chu chu’ walk!

Then came the fury! irritating yuk! moment!! I just hate to lose I bought awesome 1000cc bike and raced like a king, so came the dart targetting my @$$ later! I started to drive crazy and then so where cos of the overflowing interest pot ran outta stock! routes got boring and then I had to finally drive with single finger which made me ram a couple of time and once even wreckled outta track into sea! Didn't notice that money is melting, Just when I got caught I gotta a message saying you ran outta money! my bike lost all my level lost, I was in last track of Level4! f^*& u! then I dragged myself up and rode the first track and shutted the PC down.

Then started reading Robin Sharma's The Monk who sold his Ferrari. Good for me I got outta that bad dream... ( Man! :'( I was in last track of Level 4) just now completed that book. The very first thing the book talks about the mind! now I have to develop it! a lot infact... quitting road rash! again...

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

It is a sin to read 'Sari and Sins'

The Book I read just is Sari and Sins by Nisha Minhas give to my mom she'd rate is 'X' not even 'A' :P If I can have a conversation with author I would have asked her to concentrate on plot rather than lobbying around $#X. The blurb read 'Romantic comedy, Western Vs Indian Clash' I never thought the debate would strickly end in dress, $#X; marriage dress was discussed but not marriage! love was never discussed sometimes repeated mentioning of lovemaking made blood clot; Author was so much interested in $#X she can't control herself from writing twice or even only about $#X in every chapter.

Condensed plot: Samir, Indian boy marries Kareena but he is in love with Cloey; Cloey left her boyfriend Jordan (convit) to live with Samir(richie-rich) but she tells both the men as the other one always abused her for sympathy. Meanwhile Jordan released from jail finds Coley living with Samir and somehow steadies his ship and finds his love Zara. Now Coley robs both men and put their women in misery and enjoys it. Atlast just like a block buster Bollywood film Samir saves his marriage with Kareena, Jordan marries Zara; And Cloey was left alone, ofcourse with companion of her close friend Claudete who is again a slag.

Before reading the book I had thoughts like Karan Johar film but I feel regretful! The blurb carried lot of appreciations on authors previous work but none for this I must have known it! But I must admit the very first chapter which I read after buying tells how the book is gonna be but I bought it anyway I got 12 hours in train so I just can't find another book! Last 2 chapters spoke about love for the first time atleast I was happy for its bollywood ending. Goodness author didn't try on threesome then it would have been hardcore pornography story!

Its human nature to look for romance, if they kept on discussing on cultural aspect then I'd have slept like I did on science book. But thinking that this will turn on the reader and adding more and more freaky squeaks has just pissed me off. You might have the question "why you read then" I just can't drop it I didn't have any other option. Still I regret from poking India culture. To all those fools out there "For a man a women is Indian culuture not marry whom your parents show" right from vedic period love has been there it will be there.

Love and Valour is something Indians can never give up on, but the bullshit Honor killings were not there. Two love birds flies away and never returns back they'd settled in a new town and would serve as their own roots.

In one line: Read it only if you don't have another option and ofcourse throw it asap you don't want your family/children to find you have this in your hand.
In one word: FART

Thursday, May 23, 2013

KVB's 4th ATM on east Chromepet is now live at Kanthasamy kalyanam mandapam

First Atm was with the bank itself @ Station Road then another came in the campus of Vysnava college and then another came in the Old Robert school building. Now covering almost every part of Chromepet the forth atm is now in Kanthasamy kalyanam mandapam opp. Padavetamman kovil. 

This Atm will be a boon for people on Royapettai, Postal Nagar, Kurunji Nagar & tributes, AGS Colony & tributes, Nemilicherry as there is no Atm near atleast for 2KM. Thank you KVB :)

KVB's 4th ATM on east Chromepet is now live at Kanthasamy kalyanam mandapam }

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Thursday, May 9, 2013

Snakes in Dreams

A garden lizard runs from mango tree to coconut tree passing thru my way, as it passes its tail and hid legs evolve to resemble snake tail. As my mom watches this from behind grill door she is further taken away like my whole home as become a train leaving just me in my garden which is now expanding like a forest. Two gigantic nest of snakes arises from the ground and I draw my sword waiting for my first victim, sword where did it came from  The garden lizard comes back from behind with just its head like it and rest like snake and amazingly moving in straight line unlike snakes curved path motion. Without a warning I cut its head off but still the body drags self to one of the nest. A little shake in the ground then a bigger one.

One snake bounces outta nest in vertical standing position it resembles more like the staff in the hand of enemy in last stage of Aladdin TV video game. I jump higher then it cutting it into countless pieces while I descend o.O it must have hurt. While I rest with support of my sword a giant snakes appears from behind and I wake. This is not the first time this happens(snake dream). Couple of days back I had a dream like thousand snakes flying outta a hut and biting me and only oldie reaching my ear saying “this is just the starting” I wonder how he didn’t get any bite. couple of weeks back I was chased by snake and then I escaped.

Me with Velkambu fighting bravely

I was trying to interpret all this, discussed this with mom she said “oh no you must not be chased” then said “good you got bite problems are solved” after second dream of month. Now if I tell I have slashed snakes to sand grain size she’d start to worry even much. So I left such …. but how can I so searched in internet few sites appeared most said you can be chased but not bitten. Some said it is about the inner conflict which is not solved yet. Other said its the untamed part of your inner thought, some even talked about sex
But none spoke about fighting with snake!  what does this mean.. I’m not chased truth is I’m facing them straight with sharp sword slashing them. I’m not bitten either! As per my mom belief I’m safe as I’m not chased but I must have let it bite me but I didn’t  If I’m gonna go with this internet sites I’m not bitten so its good… On the positive note if its bad like my mom said I killed it if its untamed part of mine like internet says then I won it so good…  But what about this last gigantic snake behind me breathing in my back may be tonight I’d fight with that too

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

A trip to Meluha alongside Shiva

I never comment about his attitude or his grin face very ill tempered guy… no one wants to mess with him. He was breathing heavy probably he just battled out someone near our lake’s bank or was he resting after his regular practice. Why does the blood stains are still there in his sword probably he just put few life to end, just before I could ask him to wash them we heard some announcement deep from Manasarowar. Couple of strangers were using some bizarre tools to shout, actually they are inviting us to their town. I wanted to warn of letting strangers inside village but Shiva had other ideas, he was sure they are not part of local barbaric tribes.
May be our ancestors mustn’t have allowed other tribes to fetch water from the holy lake, their thirst was for blood not water. I thought he can discuss about foreigners to him but he was so depressed about next barbaric attack from local tribes. Before dusk another attack we were not able to prevent the murder of kids and women. Ruthless! don’t they know its not fair barbarians! we got some support from foreigners it was all needed for us to trust them. Nandi was the chief of foreigners pack he was looking kind and humble trusting his face Shiva called up for a meeting. We sounded in a single voice to be with his decision :) its was “towards Meluha” we accepted foreigners proposal we don’t wish to die anymore for no reason.
Shiva was sure there would be another attack so he formed the camp in 3 concentric circle, as expected brutal tribes wanted only blood not just water or land. Absolute barbarism lead them to face panicked cattle first which halved their troop and rest were done by our warriors safe guarding our women and children completely protected. We reached Meluha, country of perfect cities :) It was absolutely great decision to move outta our home land to avoid more dead now we’ll be having agricultural land and decent life which we never even dreamt of.
Before we would let to be with their civilization we were to be tested for any disease so we were made to stay in a guest home. We were given separate rooms and precautionary medicines, night I felt ill, feverish I was trying to get up but would not. Crawled out to see if I can get any help from Shiva, he was already in a conversation with Bhadra looks like he is also ill. Shiva ran past me to get help from Ayurvati, chief doctor of the town. Calm and composed medical team entered our block and was treating us with care and comfort. Just then I heard a sound a person falling down, nurse who was taking care of me ran out and I followed her. It was Ayurvati shocked and shivering she is scared to look at Shiva, I stepped ahead to see his throat shinning blue. (contd.)
On a workless friday was dreaming what all I can do on weekend. To wake me up for a lunch my colleague used this bulky book, I glared at him “Lunch” I rejoiced. Only then I noticed the book title “The Immortals of Meluha” it interested me when it had my God of craze in Cover. When inquired I found that its a part of Shiva trilogy series infact the first one, its a common word that I’m often hearing from my friends these days. Long time since a read a good story book besides I would say so far “Sophies world” was only good book have also read book like Death on holy orders and couple of Chetan Bhagats. Then I decided to get that book from him as I don’t have any serious task at hand, after lunch started reading it. Started slowing googling after its information to check if its worth reading then I found “oh! I wasted all time I must have started reading next moment I saw this book”. Read it cover to cover with IPL, dinner, Cricket match all inside took 36 hours frame to complete it… just want to write about it but in different way and tried my hand on it, tell me how it is :D

Sunday, April 7, 2013

How to: Write a file inside webapp directory of Tomcat with Struts2 or JSP & Servlet

Hi! This time its for struts break for database, ever felt you wanna store files temporarly inside your server directory? then this post is to help you out if you are new to java and you have interest in learning, this is good to know! trust me even big folks won’t know this I’m going to tell for Struts2 framework.


Using ServletContext & ServletActionContext in Struts2

import javax.servlet.ServletContext;

import org.apache.struts2.ServletActionContext;


public String execute() {

try {

String path = “/folder1/file1.txt” ;

System.out.println(“where it might write ”

+ System.getProperty(“user.dir”));

ServletContext context = ServletActionContext.getServletContext(); //Line No.6

path = context.getRealPath(path);

File file = new File(path);

// if file doesnt exists, then create it

if (!file.exists()) {

System.out.println(“trying to creat new file at ” + path);

// Getting parent directory then creating it

File parent = file.getParentFile();


// Creating file



FileWriter fw = new FileWriter(file);

BufferedWriter bw = new BufferedWriter(fw);

bw.write(“This is Written to file”);

System.out.println(“Where it wrote ” + file.getAbsolutePath());



return “success”;

} catch (IOException e) {


return “input”;



“String pathname = context.getRealPath(filename);” is the trick here. getRealPath(fielpath) return the exact path corresponding to the server. I said right even experienced folks dont know, cause this is not goot practice :oh!no: if the server is unpacket getRealPath() will return null!! so the best was is to return as String and handle it in JSP or whatever way to can. Anyway Server will be unpacked by default but if something screw up!  Ok TC keep thinking.

For Jsp & Servlet replace line no. 6 with *ServletContext context = this.getServletContext();* Class must extend HttpServlet and init(config) must have the call super.init(config) else context will be null.

Saturday, April 6, 2013


First sight frightens most, big creepy eyes, kinda weird skin color, strong built. Anyone who comes to my home can’t dare step in unless he accepts them else its gonna be a freak show! Very short tempered yet kind and loving if you are ready to take that one step close to him which either break into complete chaos or builds new relationship. He was very ferocious when I was the only one to raise him till the age of 5 but then my sister took care he became kinda soft, loving idiot playful fool!
Now a days he is addicted to scratch, sometimes shows his mighty teeth to make sure you don’t take your hands of his head or sometimes sweet as “cat’s purr”. He’ll turn 11 this September many sweet moments to count on :) Combai is his breed is not pure though; Combai are ancient breed they are bear hounds used for hunting. Interesting superior in power and intellligence than most talked Indian breed Rajapalayam you can read more about this on Combai-wiki.
He is old now but his attitude is getting better as wine. He has always showed his hunting skills in street fights, along with his mother and brother the trio ruled our avenue in their pink, but now he is alone also age has contributed a lot towards slowing down of fighting skills. But good thing is that he was always listening to strong commands only from me and even death plea of his fellow opponents. Smartest I can say of course he has more of a girl fan base, lived with some 6 to 8 but his first love was Julie, too bad we separated them.
Caesar casually threats
Why sholud I limit to one post? I’ll try to make this a series ;) I always wanted to be a good writer why not use my brother as my fictional super hero, same ordinary life with some sci-fi good idea na… ok keep watching this… I title this post as “My Caesar” but now I’m gonna change it to “The Caesar” a hero in making... #cool rit keep watchin

Monday, March 25, 2013

Are we Social or E - Social

How many of us are ready to sit next to the unknown person in a bus? and how many of us ready to give ‘like’ to cute photo posted by anyone on a social networking site? Obvious second question will out number first by 90% ok if you feel I’m tricking you like hedge fund analyst then try answering next question. Your friend works 2 floors above you, today is his birthday will you walk to wish him or send a (c)tweet or post a wish on wall or mail with mutual friends on cc?(in-case you are not going to get any treat)

Very much a debatable topic, lets look deep into the word ‘Social’ and how it was regarded a decade back. Millennium saw new changes Globalization seed showed visible growth. People started to handshake with most people they met, in India caste and complexion difference got eradicated with the Gen X getting on top. Couple of decade back my mom was employed before marriage, she used to share her office experience at times where she met her man and got married. She used to cruse her female colleague whom sits with gang of men and chats for longtime even asks my mom to join in so my mom can be social too! My mom’s perspective was that working along with men is respectable limit of ‘social’ her colleague thought sharing jokes and patting along is also social (may be not beyond) limit was variable. Moral: My mom’s perspective matched most women of that days perspective so some other word like ‘flirting’ can be used for colleague of my mom.

Now women thinking like my mom are rare case (excuse me they don’t exist ), not just now when my sis started to work close to a decade ago. If my sis follows the boundary of my mom then she’d be regarded moody if a girl follows my mom limit now she’ll be teased not drifting away from topic the word social has always seen modifications in its definition. Coming back to the second question meeting him in person or sending a personal sms or making call are only for lovely friends so others get wishes on walls, mails… means do you want the world to know you have wished?

My bird brains analysis is that getting social in today life is not just between two persons (that’s why you get mutual friends into act) again drifting away. So what I mean by E-social, simple its the Gen Y’s social – “letting everyone know whom you know, hate, like, ditched, loved, married, la*d, @#$… ok shiva stop scribbling” :P So have we lost the real social life? like knowing one persons life crossing the ‘blue – white’ wall or micro-blogging sites? question to think deeply isn't it? My Dad is still a family friend for his colleagues but us? never cross line “don’t ask my personal I’m already frustrated with my wife go give like to my ‘honey moon’ photo….” oh please I’m not yet marriage chill!!! was trying to depict today’s world.

Now again a question whats the name of your best friends mom? do you know his address at-least which area ok if not city? God-O-God!! true right I made you think all you know is his ‘Name’ ‘Username’ ‘institution he is in’ ‘gender’ ‘cities he went to’ at time ‘password’ So coining a word E-Social is right or again changing the definition of social is enough? I don’t know!!! Now I’m thinking for myself who I’m going to make this post a propaganda may be I’d make my female friends like this post that way I can get couple more likes from guys no harm only pain truth not just social networking sites. :P ‘gender inequality exist’ $#!& if this was from a girl this would have be thought like AWESOME if(user.gender==male){trash} again deviation… ok meet you later

Saturday, March 16, 2013

Writing blogs adds sense

Today Blogs are kicking in like mushrooms, flooding the internet domain. During college I developed this habit of writing blogs started with silly named blogs like my dog hates cat, susa360, Answer360(best, co-authored by my friends) and some more, roughly I have 5 years of blogging experience now. Now ScribbleShiva under blogspot domain I have posted my happenings on my life.

When you scroll through the blog you would notice my mood shift, idiot-ism, intelligent-me... after reading you might feel you have just gained something be it a feeling like "its not a hot-girls diary anyway", "aww... I wasted my time" or "wow this guy does stuffs" I have always requested the readers to leave some comment which many of you don't even know how to :P
I have never really minded how many read my blog how many likes it or does even anyone knows that I have a blog. But without forgetting I'd add my blog's address where ever possible, thank fully it has paid off. I was always fascinated by my family my origin the root the only place where I feel myself to be techie or urban so I write about it when ever possible

My first post on my family tree got attention of someone whom I have never meet and he was almost 55 years old he was asking me if I know any boy for a girl :P Come on I'm not doing any matrimonial service but yes I was happy that someone at least reading my blog.

Second instance a week ago I received a mail inquiring on 'Sudalai madan temple' as he was searching for root of his family :) cool people of same interest meeting together. He also added he landed in my blog from 'google search' wow does that mean my blog is rated goooooodddd WOW!!!

Saturday, February 16, 2013

How to make Recycle bin understand your mood? Delete operations made easier

I know the title is bit void ;) but i can't come up with better. With the internet age on high we are finding it difficult to actually delete outdated items. So here is way to make your Recycle bin to understand you. How? Properties dialog box of it :)

Recycle bin Properties dialog box

Right click Recycle-bin icon to access Properties, at the bottom of dialog box you'd find a check box (Red box in image) whether to ask for conformation un-check it when you are on week-end PC clean work. Delete operations are now just a button away ;) cool isn't it, but beware of consequences. {Sorry for the old-look image I use windows classic theme, as I heard it will use only minimum processor so speed will increase you can try this too }

Still not enough you want the file to go away... just go away instead of sitting in recycle bin watch the pink box. Click configure for independent drives, every drive tab will have options similar to as Global settings except for 'confirmation dialog box' option. Now watch the purple box carefully yes you got it.

Check the box to delete the file just delete no recycle bin (but I'd say Shift+Delete is better for this). Also here you can change the space you want to allocate for recycle bin for every drive, on exceeding the file size (if you have not checked to delete without recycle bin) the OS will ask you if you want to permanently delete files as allocation size exceeded.

Meet you all in other post... hope fully the happiest ;)

Saturday, January 19, 2013

How to Buy external Hard disk drive? Things to look for in External Hard disk drive

Here I'm trying to discuss about optimal performance but absolute value for money

Brand: Must be top brand offering warranty at least for 2-3 years, don't confuse Top brand is totally different from popular brand(cheaper its popular will be in India most here don't mind performance). These days manufacturers are offering 5 year warranty too.

Connection: Can be two ways Firewire or USB. These days USB is sported high cause can be connected with most computers. But choose what best suits you cause Firewire's performance is unmatchable to USB.

Speed: Seek time <10ms  | Buffer Size > 4Mb  |  RPM : 5,400 - 7,200

(Please keep in mind values here are for optimum performance, go higher if you can spend)

Size: Must be greater than 80GB, as said before if you can spend go for bigger but not biggest it will degrade performance.

Search: If you reading this post its obvious that you are searching sites for idea, but don't stop here. Go to Manufactures site itself compare with their own products. Wide information is available these days use them.

How / Where to get: In Chennai, Ritchie Street (close to 'The Hindu' office) is best to buy but only if you have a expert by your side else opt from showrooms like Croma. Every manufactures are having their own retail shops to check them too. If you are buying in website make sure you choose 'Cash on Delivery' for payment unless you know its a trusted site ;)

Happy in meeting you with another query, many friends of mine owns external hard disk drives but what most of them does is analyses and discuss about it after buying, that's not a great habit to have. But outta those discussions I have brought some ideas, hope they helped you.

Saturday, January 5, 2013

How do you feel when you roam in monk mode for 40days and then nothing for it

Sabarimala season 12-13, fantastic Bhajan year... hope this year has the most number of bhajans ever. I play dolak in my bhajan group many regarded that I played best this year, on 29th Dec when I realized this I was so proud cause so far I'm the only person to attend all bhajan *yeah* Hustle morning on 30th Dad and I went out to buy the last sack of coconuts for the Ketu nirai on 1st Jan 2013. Mom peeped from living room to drawing room signaling dad that his daughter i.e., my sister wants to talk.

*Boom* She is gonna give birth *Shock* there was another poojai this morning dad left me to take care of sis and left for Poojai as its very important poojai and he can't stay back. That moment When doctor said she'll deliver the baby by 3:30pm I was taken a back... Sabarimala locked for me this season.

I was pushing time with rough hand... I almost started to cry. *WT#* is this life... 40 days it has been in "monk mode" imagine how much a 22 year old guy would have stopped himself from for this :( shit you life. I mean can't doctor's predict the birth, grave of all the last check that just happened a day ago doc conformed birth would be only after 20 days... what kind of joke is made on me >.<

Sitting in the metal sofa I was thinking about the Hilton party from my office that I missed, the outing, the cake, the joy.... some more pitty things and some most heartily together... it all flashed in front and faded as I looked at the clock its 4:00pm nurse will bring the new life out any moment I have to take dad back to hospital. We have removed our malai, refreshed I started the bike in joy mode :) bought some chocolates that my bro-in-law wanted.

The worst period for a man his 20 - 25 transition from boy to man, where most of his entertainment, rights are robbed.... overloading with heavy duties and denying all new rights saying he is inexperienced o.O As this widely accepted facts stands high with no respect to my emotions I was made to fly around in scooter and bikes. If  I had made it... this is my 16th year of Sabarimala yatra I was planning high from my 18th year to follow on 2014-15.

Then followed some good news on 31st that still I can make it there by reaching Erumeli first on 2nd Jan and then wore mala and take part in my 'Kettu nerai'. Responsibilities - Duties yeah! forgot them all I had to stay back :( more worries dad felt ill next day. And our whole family in self-critic mode!!!

All is well... Welcoming the new life to family we are relishing in joy... small cute hands, little fingers... rose reddish body that no one can resist from touching atleast once, twinkling eyes.... soft legs that would go red even with the softest touch. But yes nurse was always reminding about the infections that we have to be aware of. Distributing chocolates, toys for kids as new 'MAMA' I was convincing myself for the best bargain that I can make for 'Sabarimala lock down', getting better as always in the affection and love of owned ones :)