Monday, December 17, 2012

Running is it as easy as it sounds? I'd say find it for yourself :P I did find it for myself @ Cognizant COP 5K run

I’m scribbling about the Chennai COP 5K run, a Cognizant internal celebration run. Cursing myself for registering on event which would demand me to wake up by 0430 am I snoozed my alarm, even for my school/college final exams I haven’t made it before 0530 am . Mom got up and asked “தம்பி நிஜமாவே போறியா” (are you really going) I shock my head in solace. Quickly I got freshened up and then came a hot cup of boost(secret of my energy too :D ) drank it and went in search of my shoes…
All set to conquer the world I touched the bike key, >.< I felt like someone slapped me. Mind voice: “This is the first time ever you are gonna do some healthy stuff after deployment let be it really healthy” I took my cycle key its was couple of weeks past “Ayutha pooja” so I remember that I have a cycle and I checked air 2 weeks back though have not used it afterwards it must be good for a ride. Its covered with dust Chennai is a polluted city even the green sub-urb can’t be given a green tag away from pollution. Then dusted and managed it to road then my mom shouted “you’ll miss the bus” I replied “I know what I’m doing” c’mon a firm generating $1.89 billion per quarter is believing me why this silly mom is so worried.
May be my mom is not wrong about me, after all she is mom but luckily the bus driver was also late. When I reached bus stop there stood a lone man in darkness… ok I give up I wasn’t that dark it’s 0530 already, Mohan was his name he accompanied me throughout the run, as my mentor mates who has promised to be with me for the run has already switched off their mobile  I got into bus choose a comfortable seat to sleep but then came the surprise package from MEPZ. A small gangs of ruptures singing songs in many languages in high frequency low entertaining/encouraging mode... I’m getting paid for what I did to my lecturers in my college :(

It was around 0620 am when we reached Siruseri SIPCOT campus sleepless dull but soon got energized by seeing other its definitely not a myth that “you’d yawn if you see a person yawn” then after small registration conformation process got a number board pinned it to my t-shirt sat in the lining brick. Just saw around, people were busy warming up, stretching their legs and arms and one group discussing the amount of time it might take for enthusiastic to complete the run. I was wondering whether I’d even complete :P By 0700 sharp Chandra waved the flag marking the beginning of run and also joined us, prior to that participants were classified into runners, joggers, walkers obviously I joined joggers and started couple of of mins late than half of the pack.
For few min got a chance to run aside Chandra himself he was asking some other person to run instead of giving company to him(in Tamil) I was wondering if there is anyone who can give company to me 8-) Young blood went past many promising runners who are walkers now then comfortably stroke a rhythm. Soon came the first aid station where we have to get a token slowly energy deprived.  from jog to run to run to jog to walk I was stranded, at a distance I can see volunteers shouting c’mon you can do this. I was speaking to myself “I must make this guy run after everything is over :@ ” But still their energy in distributing glucose powder, banana, chocolate helped me reach third aid station where we get second and last token.
Earlier just before start for run participants were instructed to collect 2 token from I and III aid station to conform their completion of run also the run must be complete within 90 mins. Now its conformed that I ran the run but was waiting for someone to pick me up but none turned up…. But again volunteers came said “just 200m you can make this” I spent 4 month in academy here you can’t lie to me 2 Km more to go but at last made it completed the run in 40 minutes… According to officials clock it might be 42 mins but becoz I started 2 mins late I’m granting myself -2 mins bonus.
I returned 2 tokens got a new token for breakfast then saw the building queue for getting the goody *-) Before having food I stood in goody queue along with bus buddy collected ‘Vapur Anti-bottle’ And now I’m a proud guy with a certificate in my name and a medal to my honor waiting to be delivered 8-)