Saturday, November 17, 2012

1 year @ Cognizant its exciting

Cognizant has given me all that I wanted, especially the green tag with ID card and the mysterious white plastic card about 3′X2′. I have written enough on my academy experience on my previous post –Training @ Cognizant so I’m gonna cut down to next 7 months.
Justifying the title even while writing this post I’m learning ‘Struts tile’, don’t get jealous on me people I’m yet to be assigned with a responsible business task. Skipping vetti bench period flowing the attention to deployment, Trainees were fired to all possible directions in India goodness I landed in Chennai.  I was directed to be a part of IME- MGH account from there re-directed to be with Lipper.

In Lipper account was given a title ‘PL/SQL developer’ first week was busy with assigning new systems raising RAMS request, getting tagged to the seat. Then I got that magical plastic card which gives me freedom from running behind closing doors its called as ‘The Access card’ Soon came party time ‘Team Lunch’ was arranged on Holy Smoke near CHN-TCO office you’d know why the restaurant has such name once you enter it “Holy smoke smells holy ash” But is has good food the 90% barbecued stuffs were really good 
Even after designated as PL/SQL developer I was not ready to give up my hunger for Java and my manager Mr.Ganesh was kind enough to assign mentors for both Java and Oracle. Then started my tight learning plan for both technologies I have planned to learn. We have this Social-Collaborative-Working-Environment-Policy which gives our colleagues 3 portals one resembling twitter, other facebook and another for Bloggers this portals gave me good time to know more about Cognizant and how the business is approached here. Soon came the sad part my project got ramp-down eventually the resource so does my oracle mentor and the need for me to learn oracle.
But still I have Java in hand the technology I loved to learn now I can concentrate on it even more. I attended some classroom training to cover the lagging parts in Learning plan. Assignments were most exciting part of learning plan something which is not concentrated on Academy. Thanks to my mentor Mr. Pushparaj he was so stubborn on rules to follow right from design to final presentation OOP was concentrated as much as it could have been.
Marking the end of first year i.e., my probation period I will be evaluated and will be given conformation if I have performed enough. Choosing ranking scale would have been difficult for my manager coz I have not been part of any business yet. But still I had an excellent learning score, obviously every class room training will fetch 2 pts, as a team player completed some assignments as a part of mentors task and also I’m rolling out a newsletter in the name “Lipper fortnight” for every fortnight so he decided yes this guy is ok to be a ‘Programmer Analyst’ and now I’m cool.
Even though I didn’t manage to complete the first serious task assigned to me in the first year I did that in the following weeks completed OCJP certification but as most of you know clearning it doesn’t mean I know Java well. But yes I know it better than I know it a year back Then came a chance to interact with organization than just sticking to a department or location "COP Chennai 5K run" an internal celebration run also a healthy habit. Took part in that ran 5Km ok jogged then collected complementary "a cool Vapur Anti - bottle" for participation off course certificate. Hope to do great on my second year see ya on next post