Monday, March 26, 2012

PonnAmbala medu a dream still...

Update, Jan 2015: Forest Dept. has made it virtually impossible to go there now-a-days. CCTV surveillance cameras are installed. Rules are being followed strict after PTR completed absorbed Poonambalamedu

I was in Pondicherry when I received a call from dad said he is going to PonnAmbala medu and will be leaving on Saturday. It was his dream that he want to visit that holy spot from which Lord Ayyappa give dharsan to Pandhala Maharaja on Maharasankrathi. After a day I came to Chennai and came to know that still two place are vacant for the trip, thought I can join and dad accept my proposal as its not a opportunity that anyone can get.
I clicked this from q, photography is actually prohibited :P

As per the schedule we started on Saturday morning from my home after ketunerai. We reached Pamba via Villupuram, Trichy, Dindigal, Theni, Cumbam, Kumily, Vanidiperiyar, Mundakayam, Kalaketty, approx it took 690Km for us to reach there. Stayed in Maramath complex, Pamba in festival periods these will be used as guest house for Police and VIPs. Sunday morning 5am started to Sannithanam had dharshan around 0830hrs, did NeiAbhishekam before 1000hrs.

On that day someone has booked for Udhayaasmana pooja which was followed by Sahasrakalasabishekam. During this period they used to play Panchavathiyam, a very powerful, vibrating tune, peoples used to play this from mandapam just opposite to Sannidhanam. I sat within 5 ft from them in mandapam and listened to it for almost a hour, generally in Makaram period we don't even get a minute to stand there! I relished in all this and returned to room after I prayed in front of Kodimaram for a long time, did a sashtanga namaskaram.

All those moments were plagued once I reached room, I was informed it is not possible for some of us to go there. So, obviously I had to give it up for the deserving pilgrims. But we peoples who didn't get opportunity to go spent time in Lower camp river and Coconut farm, it was relaxing. 

Coconut farm

Thursday, March 15, 2012

To get to Hapiness have a Get Together

As Sainath asked I came to Anna arch, there came Elavarasan to pick me up to Mcdonalds where we planed to celebrate. It was a real hot day unable to stand outside for a long time we stepped into the geek world of para-ab-normal's who had habit of forgetting mother tongue ;) There are places in every city of India where if we speak native language we are uneducated and brute! I always wonder about this weird environment, in what way speaking your language can deteriorate your status!

That alien land suffocated us two for sometime before Sathya, Sai, Suresh came they went to buy a shirt for Vibin as a gift.  March 7th was Vibin's B'day that is the reason we are going to have a party, Vibin and Azar came then. The place stabilized after peoples around me started speaking 'Tamil'!! Usual over-sized buggers, unusual soft drink in cup and complimentary sauce packets quickly disappeared, after that we went to Anna Nagar park. Did I forgot something still I can smell sauce ah! tissues!! we saved water to save earth!!

Highlight of the day, there we had obvious discussion about life ;) Its almost a year since final examz of engineering we had lot of issues and happening to speak about and to deal with. We didn't speak much about us but about everything we could think off stories, gossips, make ups, break ups... whatever that struck our mind for god sake we even spoke about future :P When I see a movie about great affection, care, fun of college friends I used to laugh not anymore.

Many things happened around us the tall tower, some kinda freaking show on modern education methods, malfunctioning fountains..... and yes dangling bushes of dark :P from whatever happened there or in our recent past we extracted only laughter. It was just magical purest form of tease and fun, no one was spared. Soon tummy bell rang dinner time, veteran Sathya suggested Karthick tiffin center which will not burn hole.

This tiffin stall had 2 branches in Anna nagar one in 3rd avenue(probably) crowed one other in Shanthi nagar a place were we can laught out loud. Obvious we went to unfamiliar 2nd branch filled the fuel. We all started to home with relaxed mind and preservable moments. :)