Wednesday, February 15, 2012

The MFRP @ Best

The training that I experience here in Cognizant is good, after clearing all those modules I was waiting for the MFRP final review. At the first review our team was not able to perform well because we were not working as a team. It was more a single handed project, it was regarded as structured but not Object oriented programming by our Mentor these comments made us realize that we are struck deep and in dark.

In the extension or the final phase of project we followed agile methodology in which I played as Business Analyst / Tester. Predominantly I was to be involved in resolving bug, code analysis and design, but nothing stopped me from helping in coding. I worked on bringing a program with BLOB data type that could handle all binary formats and a new theme/look for our project to make the interface look cool. I accomplished both the task on time with sincere guidance from Yusuf and Viswa (the two M.Tech grads in my batch with extensive practical knowledge).

Starting my real work late I had to take the code home to analyse it for good standard and performance, got the exact version of SDE which we use in office from my organization's internal site it is no sin our organization allow it as is a opensource. But the problem was when the code which was perfect started malfunctioning by opening on new windows instead of staying on the same, simple solution was to use the unorganized code. Anyway we rectified the problem on the new code after the final review.

On the day of review every team was giving their high, as our performance just meet the requirement in phase one he might not expect much from us, that gave us an edge that even small initiation will strike him big! Exactly that happen we presented our project as third/last team, I thought since he was getting busy on calls he will not look much into the code goodness we are saved that he did not find that we use code with zero standard.

Mentor complimented that we worked a long way to get to the standard of other teams, it was a small sentence but did matter a lot. He even complemented our batch with a appreciation mail, which is rare like only 1 batch out of 15 will get this kind of mail. He said we, our batch has set a new benchmark in performance level of MFRP. All this time my batch, SWADRUTHA was regarded as a notorious batch in academy but now we get a good response and respect from academy, faculty team.

(The Pic is how our project interface looks)