Sunday, July 31, 2011

How to register in National Do Not Call Registry? Is there anyway that I would get promotional SMS/Call from any particular category and leave other blocked?

To Registry in National Do Not Call Registry previously we have to SMS "START DND" to 1909.

But for the benefit of Costumer and Promoters you can still receive promotional SMS/Call from particular category that you choose. New procedure is as follows.

  1. SMS "START DND" to 1909.

  2. They'll send you a conformation message

  3. Then you'll receive a message regarding categories that you want to give permission

  4. Select a category you want to receive promotions from else

  5. Reply "START 0" to 1909 to stop all promotional SMS/Call

To receive SMS- based promotions for the following sector, reply with your choices to 1909:
START 1 - Banking, Insurance & Financial products
START 2 - Real Estate
START 3 - Education
START 4 - Health
START 5 - Consumer Goods & Automobiles
START 6 - Service provider communication, Entertainment, IT
START 7 - Tourisum & Leisure

You can choose multiple sectors as per your preference. Registering for any of the above options will stop other promotional calls by default

Friday, July 29, 2011

Dead end production house has put its better foot forward. Review of IRUL (short film)

IRUL, as the title suggest is a horror movie. I never knew a short film could have a horror plot until this since most short movie will have a social message or fun in it and it is indeed tough to create thrill in 10 minutes but these guys have succeeded in it. With the recent hype this movie had in Facebook almost everyone who got tagged or irritated was expecting much on this movie. As one of them(audience) I was more interest in knowing what is the plot or movie is all about. I have always manage to keep my nerves and did the same, waiting to see it on the screen rather than peeking around.

Plot: In a revenge to the killing of a girl a boy murders his own roommates.

The movie starts with a car speeding on road with 3 drunk men on it with some raging discuss among them, all of a sudden a thud, one of the three men wake ups and proceeds to drink water to calm himself down. This way the movie starts with regular bgm that would suit a horror film. Something I found dizzy about movie is lighting whether it could be the idea of director of creative head!! to keep the movie in total dark so that the relationship between title and movie is established, but the problem, 3 men of same complexion and small difference in height its was not just hard but impossible to find difference between them.

The first half steals the show while the second steals our time, climax would have been made better, may be the director was trying to hit with some twist but ended it the other way. Blood in bottle made a very horror and freaky note. Camera man and Editor did their job wisely 4th cast on the movie the girl didn't have much to do about just but standing and laying down.

Taking in account that this is the first movie from this team I can award them with Platinum, but if and only if the connection between the lead male and female role is outspoken. Who knows its my friends creation I might have well given even a diamond if little care is made in the flashback and lighting. Still to the credit the movie is left unfinished with viewers imagination to flow anyway I can give only a Gold to this movie because of a unexpected rather unconvincing end to the movie.THE MOVIE IS WORTH WATCHING, I'm sure your dreams will not be disturbed.

Wednesday, July 27, 2011


The truth is excavated but is going to take care about revealing it to the world.  History has to be corrected! need not bring back Lord Shiva! But say aloud that this beautiful monument was not built by Shah Jahan but by some Hindu emperor.

This Architectural excellence belong to a Hindu emperor but not to Shah Jahan

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

What is the new ugly trick of Telemarketers

Telemarketers use Telephone directory to choose some phone number of a unlucky person and call them to disturb. Most conversations start with a greeting and note about their product and your interest on it but in recent times they have changed their approach. New techniques is that they'll call you as if they have received a missed call or SMS from your mobile and gather details of you. Later they'll call you from some other number with all your details to convince you.

I experienced this twice, in the first trail I fell prey into the net as quoted above they recalled me and till now I'm receiving SMS from some number regarding software course and other workshops. Second time I stood firm said there is no chance for mistake and asked about the number they intend to speak as suspected they were not able to give my number they said some other number instead. I think that number they said is of next poor guy they need to call.

If my guess is correct the details are stored and shared at a price. But every BPO can have a trail because getting details via phone is cheaper than buying it from competitors. If you have not received anything like this before be happy that you know, its going to be fake caller if you have already shared you detail at least from now you can evade the next telemarketer. Remember "To err is Human" so try to cut the call saying "I'll check on it, sorry" don't be harsh because it might be a common man for whom you have dialed or text-ed accidently.