Monday, May 30, 2011

More Than 1 lakh engineers graduated today... What they gonna do???

Today (30-07-2011) around 1 lakh students are graduated and will be called as engineer from this moment, but is this much amount of engineers really needed to our country? Is our government really concerned about those engineers and the way they are graduated at large numbers?

People from outside may see this huge amount of engineers as a symbol of growth, even the developed countries may have an eye on us. But the fact is on the opposite side smiling...
In India especially in outskirts of chennai if u find any streets ends there will be a board stating that it's an engineering college. There are around 454 engineering colleges in Tamilnadu. I doubt It may be incremented when am writing this sentence. Most of the colleges are owned by politicians or those who backing them. Though it's not a big issue, the educational background makes sense and funny. Most of the correspondence of the college are illiterate and many doesn't have any knowledge about managing a college.
The faculty of this institutions are to be much concerned than the management and they are mostly under qualified or doesn't know how to enrich and explain the concept of engineering. There are certain good teachers who try to do so but they are most likely put down by their colleagues and students.
These students those are entering into engineering mainly focuses on the Job and particularly the pay they get rather than their interest in the particular field. This will be well proved if we look at the fact that during the IT boom at early 2000 most people chose IT streams and when there is an recession the trend was reversed. Most people started choosing mechanical.
Even though the so called top engineering colleges are good in management and in their placement activities, the condition of the faculty and students are pretty same. Students pursuing their degree often educate themselves by cheap local authors and fear to even touch the books of high standard. Even the books which they use are mostly from book banks and are returned immediately as soon as the results of the semester arrived. They boldly and happily admits that they forgot everything after they finish their exams (Shift + delete).
This population of engineers fears me in greater extend (am also a part of it). But the engineers graduated from other countries are very much different from above people. They becomes an entrepreneur while pursuing their degree (Mark Zuckerberg), most of them becomes a Noble Laurette. Here there is no single university in india which have produced a Noble Laurette but they produce 100times more engineers than other countries.
Government instead of producing unskilled engineers in a large way must concentrate on producing good institutions and also focus on other streams such as agriculture for their development. If this trends continues there will be engineers in 25 years committing suicide as farmers doing now..

Saturday, May 28, 2011

When would a WORLD CUP will live on its fever with cherry topping staying high

Think what had powered IPL so much! short duration in fact just 4 hours to spend even after inclusion of funny strategy breaks. When this T20 format is already observed so much if ODI can have concentration it is only when India plays Pakistan or World cups, remind you Ashes is all about Test matches. Even though teams like Ireland had made good impression which was not in Top10 right at the start of WC thats not enough to make WC exciting.

With the IPL on move with 73 games most cricket followers would have forgot that most players here play opponents, classified under country. Many would hardly believe that India won the World Cup just before 56 days. But I'm not doing to talk neither about WC'11 nor IPL'11, its about WC'15 schedule.

If you would roll back passing the IPL memories for 50 days just after first game of IPL another Cricket NEWS might strike your head! Its about the number of teams in World Cup, while big teams wants only Top 10 smaller ones pray for 14 cause its the only chance by which they can be noted. Many note-worthy comments where given by many on this topic even before the start of just ended WC, for example Kevin Pieterson found that the duration of tournatment is too long.

So my idea is that just don't reduced the number of teams also the number of matches. Take only Top 10 teams group them as A and B let every team play with left teams(making 20 league matches). So by the end of league matches 4 teams qualify for Semi final and winners will meet in Finals.

Totally 20+2+1 = 23 games, less than half of what we had in WC'11 (49 games). Anyway Intermediate Super Six or Super eight is already not in card there by making the World cup more exciting as it had to be. This way the tournament will never lose its pace. As good proverbs says have ice cream before snow comes down cause it brings the cherry topping along with it.

Thursday, May 26, 2011

why do people sweat more in chennai???

One of the famous ornament of chennai is its summer!. Everyone here would have at least once talked about its effect and the way they affected. People comes out with sweats flowing from the body is the usual scene of chennai noon. The sweat produced is not just due to the temperature of the region. It is in fact due to the high humidity of chennai.

To explain this lets see a fact, people in chennai sweats more than the people in delhi where the temperature is higher than the former.

This is because of chennai's location. Chennai is located near sea due to which sea water evaporation is high during summer which in turn increases the humidity (Amount of water vapour present in air).
Normally human blood temperature is about 35 deg Celsius. If the outside temperature is more than that, then our system tries to automatically cools down by releasing sweat from the body.

The sweat which is released cools the surrounding heat by converting into vapour thereby reducing the body temperature. Here the Humidity comes into effect. Cities like chennai has humidity of around 95% resists the sweat to be converted into vapour. So the body temperature doesn't cools down and increases more amount of sweat from body.
The increase in body temperature causes reduction in blood flow to the brain which makes us feel tired. To overcome this we drink lot of water and juices during summer to make us cool.

Sweating is not seen in reptiles like snake because it changes its blood temperature with the surrounding temperature. So it can roam around at hot sun without getting tired. Better than us isn't it?.

-- Guest post by Gokulesh - @gokuleshwrites

Don't Politicize Education

Education has become a play toy in the hands of politics. Rivalry among them shouldn't affect any layman and this what prevailing now. Why do you (politicians) unnecessarily poke your nose in altering the syllabus? Let the educationists deal with it and amend the appropriate ways. Of what interest are these guys dealing with the country's education. Wanna dissipate that too?? This is not any motto of counter act or any such thing. As a common man and a student we express our disinterest on what you are doing with so called education. Already our education system is so perplexed that we couldn't even able to analyse what we are actually studying. Education in not any industrial production or a company's turnover, its a total output of the nation on the whole.

Students representing our country across the world should be damn fit to compete with them and in no matter they should be lagging behind. Recently in a video channel I witnessed a small girl of the age 9+ making a microprocessor of her own. Can any child do it here?? yes of course but a very few. I quote this here not to discourage ourselves but to scale us so that we can know where we are. We are not to blame the children or student here but the system. Our education system mainly concentrates on the 'functions of the capacitor' without even knowing what is capacitor!  

It is only the education that becomes the greatest assert for anyone who possess it and that should be offered free of cost unbiased for every individual (as of now they can at least reduce the cost). I wish there is a separate consortium for education and in no way should politics or any nonsense enter in. This is not to hurt anyone but the politicians must understand the issue and act wisely. After all it is the poor student who is perturbed in between and hereby we voice out for this!

Saturday, May 21, 2011

Why Geotag, Twitter, Facebook on remote devices are virtual self traps! helping Robbery

The new essential of this generation is social networking! this has already made us not to care about neighbor whose door is 3 foot away from ours. But what Robbery has to do with this, better I can explain this with scenario. While on my weekend I'm going to Resort 50km away from my home.

  • On Friday to check if there is anyone to accompany me I set a status message on FB.
  • Before leaving I leave a note in Twitter.
  • On the way I decide to take a coffee break from driving, I updated it Photo with Geo-tagging telling everyone where I'm now and how good it looks.
  • Once I reach spot I shout in Twitter that I'm there and do the same on leaving.
  • While returning I update photos of days action on FB again with Geo-tagging I state where I'm taking my dinner.
  • I'm updating on Twitter the time I may take to return home from dinner spot.

Even though its not so essential to do things on the way I do it because my devices support these things I'm happy to make everyone know that I have advanced technology. This updates makes it easy for advanced thieves who is already having a notorious eye on my properties and I'm making it easy for him by updating where I'm and when will I reach home. Also I have given him good time to plan this act, if I'm gonna cancel plans, well I would post that too.

When introduced to new devices and new applications we are using it as if it is a must to access everything that your portable junk supports! Most mobiles are supporting what I quoted in title, my friends are not ready to buy new devices which don't support these applications. All the 3 makes us feel that we are connected to friends but the truth is we are connect to everyone who can have access to our page, world knows the security that above sites could provide (Twitter is created share recent updates). My recommendation is to use it safely, every technology has its own social drawback.

More on wiki

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

How about teaching English for summer camp tutors!

1. Vertical dash =>Resembling TR dialogue

2.Must be BP - Blood Pressure; BB- Blood Bath!! ah!!!
3.Can't the find a nice word for it
4.Leave this school and join a college automatically sights would increases! wah!

5.Forgot to underline! they hailing this camp also for JENTS (must be Gents) but in which planet does this kind of living organism live.
(I don't want to spoil this camp so posting it late)

Saturday, May 14, 2011

Yahoo mail upgraded

  • Mail on Mobile

  • Facebook connect

  • Applications

  • Integrated Yahoo Messenger

  • Socail Networking with Ymail id inside Yahoo

  • INBOX unlike older version LINK OPENS IN NEW TAB

  • Update on Yahoo will be shared with Facebook! Twitter! on request

  • Capability to attach large file are some highlights in the new beta version of Yahoo mail!! 

But still they are not able to get over the ad-mania! always more number of ads are displayed which is annoying as usual.

Some pictures of it!


INBOX unlike older version LINK OPENS IN NEW TAB


Tuesday, May 10, 2011


With Engeyum Kaadhal, Prabhu Deva has tried to narrate yet another story using the most common and ubiquitous phenomenon in the world, Love. The opening titles with backdrop paintings followed by Prabhu Deva’s cameo for ‘Engeyum Kaadhal’ song are pleasant but from then on the movie couldn’t live up to its hype.

Jayam Ravi as a young businessman fits perfectly in his tailor made role. He even impresses with his dazzling dance moves. Hansika Motwani looks refreshing in her vivid outfits but fails to impress in the acting department. Her dubbing is imbecile and out of sync at many places. Rajusundaram annoys you often under the pretext of making fun. Neither Suman nor Prakashraj have much to play. The only outstanding features of the movie are Nirav Shah’s brilliant cinematography which captures the exquisite and serene beauty of Paris with ease and Harris Jayaraj’s poignant music as almost all songs are pleasant to hear


When any material is heated it expands no matter what state it is in, some might change from one state to another but eventually the cubic volume required shoot up. This is the reason for keeping the pressure levels in order in any place.

If high pressure is maintained in tube(tire) of your vehicle on summer the air inside gets heated up and expands. This expansion creates high pressure enough to burst your tube. This is the reason why openly parked wheelers have every weak or vulnerable tube.

Winter has got not much to do but if you keep pressure low then it becomes too low not allowing you to ride on it. Reason is similar cooling a material shrinks it!