Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Develop CREATIVITY - 2

Aha the photos are out
Feel something embossed! just worked on "WHISTLE PODU" the picture got better

நம்மளுக்கு விளம்பரம் பிடிக்காதுதான். ஆனா! வேறுயாரும் சொந்தம் கொண்டடிடா!!! ஒரு முன் எச்சரிக்கை நடவடிக்கை.

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Develop CREATIVITY - 1

The day was not bright, neither the exam hall. There is no big reason for this, just that I don't know syllabus for the test(no one knew it)! If there is one thing that would make me happy for the day is the result of previous days match with Warriors which was in our favor. I read the question paper twice wrote the same thrice(:D)!

The spark was when I saw a KKR fan in the class while tracing for someone! The moment I know what to do, gratitude for CSK. I decided it to be 'a unique sketch' supported by us. There was 2 options for me to chose either at the back of question paper or in answer paper, wonder what? I choose answer paper(In our college neither they correct nor they number the answer papers!).

As everyone knows "WHISTLE PODU" is our slogan, but never forget to the LION I decided to bring both inaction. I started on the center page so that I would bring it with me, the mistake was that I started in the wrong side which extended to the next page. Left with no choice I teared the paper to complete the poster! which made it look dire.

Any way it is complete I'll soon release it on the next part of this post(I tried to included our mascot which made the poster look unattractive(:( ).