Saturday, August 14, 2010

Miscellaneous GLEE on Lectures face

Lectures of My college have a mysterious habit of awarding marks for Seminar and Solving high complex problem, at first I thought it was to encourage us but later when I researched on this topic with other college students I found this to be a world wide phenomenon! The reason for above two case are simple to complete syllabus or to escape the situation where their dignity could be degraded. But how do they accomplish these Idiotic goals lets have a brief look at them.

1.When they are striving to complete syllabus

  • These are introductory topics you can skim though them by yourself
  • Simple topic let me concentrate on Tough and interesting topics read this by yourself
  • We have already discussed in previous Semester or Unit lets skip this
  • Simply explained in Text Books you can these by yourself, ask me if there is a seroius doubt I Know you are not so dumb to ask doubts on easy topics
  • Who is ready to take seminar I'll give you tips and hints how is ready. If no one gets up then they declare"I'll give you full internal marks" now everyone would be ready.

2.When genius pupils tortures them with Doubts!

  • I think you have framed the question wrongly
  • I'll tell you tomorrow
  • Don't ask this kind of foolish questions
  • You will study this in the next class
  • Good question will discuss about this
  • Nice question, raise your hand if you know the answer

New List of Tricks for PC

  • Press Shift +Ctrl +Esc when your computer is hanged! Click on End task wait for few seconds

  • Speaker in Adobe Reader Ctrl+Shift+b=Whole document; Ctrl+Shift+v=Present page

  • Disable error reporting Mycomputer>Properties>Advanced>Error Reporting - Disable Error reporting

  • Make your desktop icons transparent Go to Control Panel Sysem=>Advanced=>Performance Area=>"Use drop shadows for labels on Desktops"

  • Load folders faster Tools=>Folder options=>View=>Automatically search for Network folders and printers=>Don't Cache thumbnails

  • Chatting emotional faces while Chatting in PC Alt+1,2,3,4....(I got this trick supplied from trustful source but didn't work for me, hope it does for you)

DON'T Try On Your PC

  • Delete all files on a Hard disk by running a simple file>Notepad>type DEL/F/Q*>Save it as delete.command

I'm not sure about this tricks also I'm afraid to do this on any system! I'm note sure whether the caption of notepad is delete.command or delete command. Try this before you format your drive and post a comments on this post

  • Create Virus to vandalize My Documents folder; In notepad type "rmdr c:\documents and setting\S\Q." and save it as VIRUS.BAT
No one want a virus to sit in and clean their My Documents files! better do it by yourself

List of Internet Ideas for better living

By the word better living I don't literally mean it but these ideas will help you in different ways

  1. While making a money transaction watch for 'https' in the sites address instead of 'http' which denotes it as secured site and don't believe on dumb promises by the site itself
  2. ATM/VISA ATM's Locator all around the world
  3. Watch TV online
  4. Orkut Shortcuts
  • Scrapbook=>Alt+Shift+S
  • Home=>Alt+Shift+H
  • Community=>Alt+Shift+C
  • Friends=>Alt+Shift+B
  • Profile=>Alt+Shift+P
  • Logout=>Alt+Shift+L

(I'll update this post often make sure you browse through them often)


Computer Systems
  • AMD-18004256664
  • Dell-1800444026
  • HCL-18001808080
  • IBM-1800443333
  • Microsoft-1800111100

DTH Service providers
  • Dish tv:18601803474
  • tatsky: 18604256633
  • Bigtv: 18002009001
  • Sun Dth: 18002007575
  • Airtel digital: 18001028080

I tired some number they worked

Tuesday, August 10, 2010


  • The moment you are in TENSION
  • You will lose your ATTENTION
  • Then you are in total CONFUSION
  • And you will feel IRRITATION
  • Then you will spoil personal RELATION
  • Ultimately you won't get CO-OPERATION
  • Then you will make things COMPLICATION
  • Then you B.P. may also rise CAUTION
  • And you must have to take MEDITATION
  • Instead under the SITUATION
  • Try to Think about ELATION
  • Many problem will be solved by DISCUSSION
  • Which will work out better in your PROFESSION
  • Don't think its my free SUGGESTION
  • It is only for your PREVENTION
  • If you understand my INTENTION
  • You will never come again to TENSION

Monday, August 2, 2010

True Devotion

True devotion consists in offering all your thoughts and actions to God and yearning for His grace. Devotion confined to a brief spell in the pooja room (shrine) or temple is not true devotion. During that time, devotion seems to swell within you and you feel at peace but, once outside, the peace is lost and anger takes its place. This cannot be called devotion. Bhakti (Devotion) has been described as a state of non-separation from God. Regardless of time, space or circumstance, one should feel closeness to God – that is Bhakti. True devotion transcends the limitations imposed by one’s daily routines and the obligations of life.