Thursday, July 22, 2010

Octopus Paul given honorary citizenship

Paul, the psychic octopus, was awarded honorary citizenship of the Spanish town of Carballino on Thursday, after correctly predicting Spain’s win in the World Cup final.

The mayor of the northwestern Spanish town, Carlos Montes, travelled to Germany where he presented the Oberhausen Sea Life aquarium with a silver plaque and a replica statue of its best-known cephalopod.

Paul also received a sumptuous meal of mussel meat and was given a friendly stroke.

“He was very trusting and enjoyed being stroked,” a Spanish spokesman said.

Paul obtained near cult-like status during the World Cup and his predictions were broadcast live in the later stages of the tournament in South Africa. He was spot-on in his predictions of all seven Germany games and also got Spain’s win over the Netherlands in the July 11 final right.

Carballino has invited Paul to take part in a large octopus celebration in early August. But he will stay put in Germany, despite five-figure purchase bids from around the world.

SOURCE: THE HINDU dated 23-July-2010

Wednesday, July 21, 2010


Another post on "time" this time we are not going to deal with conversions but with importance of Date line. If you think there is nothing important except the date, you are definitely வ்ரோங்! remember how the world maps are drawn of the back side of the front cover of your Diary, how they are rolled over the table. Try to recollect images of maps hanging in the walls of your school! I known one thing for sure you can recollect America on the left and Asia on the right.

What made peoples call America, Europe as western countries and Asia and alliance as eastern countries? Thats the importance of 'DATE LINE'. As we all known Asia's right edge and America's left edge will be close in globe but not in DATE, the time will totally be different. For example take a boat from Asia to America in a fine Saturday evening you'll reach America by Friday night of the same week! weird isn't it. Its not time travel anyway.

Since it is stated that Asia will receive the sunlight of a day first we are on the Eastern side, America receives the light late on same day so they are on Western side! Map has nothing to do with it but the 'Date line' has!

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Ranking is not important but Recognition is!

Even though our Google SMS channel is titled as APTITUDE-TRICKS-GK-JOKE our interest is predominantly on the first three! There is a person called Editor who keeps check on every post posted on every channel, he also has the habit of rating every channels. Recent ratings have revealed that our Channel is dominating in every genre we have our foots!

General knowledgeSecond
Current affairsSecond
Implant trainingFirst

I Have to admit that in genres like workshop and implant training we are the only channel available and also the trustworthy! With only 39 users and about 100 post It is difficult to accept the fact that we have overtaken groups with more that 1000 users like Aptitude4u & aptitudezone. If you haven't still checked out the features of SMS channel click here. Also it is a bad thing that We have posted only 3 Jokes in our channel still we are in good rank in Editor's List

Bad think to remember is that always your search results are not arranged on editor's rating first but on number of users. But you can always click on the link called "Editor's Pick" on the left hand side to check for good channels!

To join our channel simply SMS "ON APTITUDE-TRICKS-GK-JOKE" to 9870807070
or via internet with google account click here=>APTITUDE-TRICKS-GK-JOKE

Monday, July 12, 2010

Test to be taken for ABROAD EDUCATION

Tests- GMAT, GRE, SAT, TOEFL, IELTS source-Infozee

The various tests that one requires for applying abroad are given here. For test preparation tips, dates, test centers and other details of any particular test, click on its name in the given table below. You would be required to take at least one of the following English proficiency tests along with the standardized tests for admission to any program.

Graduate Level (Masters & PhD level programs)

GRERequired for Humanities, Sciences, Engineering fields in US
GRE SubjectRequired along with GRE, for a few Universities and Programs in US
GMATRequired for Business/Management Programs all over the world
LSATLaw Programs in US
USMLEMedicine Programs in US
GGFNSRequired for Graduate Programs in Nursing in US

English Proficiency Tests

TOEFLRequired for almost all programs in US.
Acceptable along with TWE, in place of IELTS in universities of Canada, Australia, Europe, New Zealand.
IELTSRequired for most Universities in U.K., Canada, Australia, New Zealand.
TSERecommended for people who plan to apply for a teaching assistantship in U.S.

Other Standardized Tests

Undergraduate Level (Bachelor degree programs)

SAT - IRequired for almost all Undergraduate Programs in US
SAT - IIRequired by a few Universities in US for specific courses

Saturday, July 3, 2010



1.For Increasing system speed:
Goto Run type "recent", '%temp", "prefetch" and remove all files from it!

2.Change your processor name:
Type regedit
=>Central Proccesor
=> find proccesor string name and change it

3.Save electricity with PC go to run type"powercfg.cpl"
Set your monitor hard disk and turn off stand by time Manage and save.

4.Formatting pendrive right click on My computer
=>Manage=>Disk management
=>Right click on pendrive =>Remove letter
=>Remove(plug out and in)
=>Then format the pendrive. its done

Goto Run
>change value from 1 to 0 done
*To reset change from 0 to 1

6.Make your own font in xp:
Private character editing fonts, etc.
Start>Run>eudcedit>Try making fonts

7.Remove recylebin
Start>Run>gpedit.msc>User configuration>Administrative templates>Find Recycle bin

8."wmimgmt.msc"=>Windows management; "eventvwr.msc"=>event viewer; "charmap.exe"=>Charater map, "sndvol32.exe"=>Voulme settings, "syskey.exe"


9. Hack any XP user Account password and change it without knowing it! RUN
Type cmd=>enter=> type net user

10.See hidden files by command prompt: type dir/ah=>if the list is long u can use dir/ah/p/w

11.Command prompt blocked! open notepad type save it as cmb.bat file open it!

12.Hiding folder using command ex:hiding "d:/game". go to cmd:
=>Type in "d:/attrib game +s +h"
=>Change to "d:/attrib game -s -h"

13.Formatting computer in dos mode: Start>Run; Type Cmd
Type Any drive; type formatting drive name


14.To remove virus go to location of virus=>open a notepad file
=>drag virus file to it delete some items=>save it.

15.To operate Mouse and touch pad; Press shift+alt+Num lock
=> Use 8,6,2,4 for Up,Right,Down,Left

16.Remove thumb.db file from your Folder
=>Tools=>Folder option=>View
=>File and Folder=>Don't cache thumbnail

17.To stop shut down after starting it win+r(run command window)
Type "shutdown-a" very quickly

18.If your system slows down,
Then uninstall last installed software and clean RAM

19.Forgot PC password=>press f8=>select safe mode
=>Administrator=>user accounts =>remove password

20. F1=>Help F2=>Rename F3=>Search F4=>Address bar
F5.=>Refresh F6=>Spelling F8=>Safe mode(Booting time)
F10=>Menu Bar F11=>Resize F12=>Save