Saturday, March 13, 2010


Mr. G.V. Prakash why can't you think on our own.

Aayirathil oruvan movie created a lot of buzz in the industry! peoples say that music of the movie is one of the reason for its victory. Putting this other way Music director considering himself to be counted as the legend. Got into the industry with the help of his Oscar uncle, his first movie with a unworthy lead actor lead to worst results but they call it a hit! commercial hit! In his first movie itself showed his original face by just getting a photocopy of one widely spoken foreign album. Aayirathil oruvan definitely a treat to watch would have been a nomination for awards if editing and music of the movie had taken serious places. Editing was sure a tough job, cause the length shot earlier, But music many things its great. Definitely it is not a easy job to compose music for such movies, Director could have taken more effort and interest to chose a veteran or legend for this kind of movie. This particular article is to focus on the Music, composer did everything right but expect its promotion. While promoting this he repeatedly said about his own work which he considers to be the toughest, but i don't think so! I watched 3 interviews of him where he quoted that he had nothing to compare and compose so he had to use his own ideas and imaginations into it! #Not most but all of the songs where having latest hits touch #Second half Backgound score resembled MSV's and even Bhagavathar's #Most stunning is that he used familiar RAGAS and says they are my own compositions funny

Tuesday, March 9, 2010


New Delhi: Many private deemed universities are predominantly concerned about revenue generation rather than promoting academic and research activities, a government panel has said.

The government-appointed committee to review the functioning of deemed universities has recommended a fresh look at the existing UGC guidelines for grant of such status to institutions.

The panel headed by P N Tandon in its report, a copy of which is available with PTI, has also suggested setting up a national committee for fixing rational fee structure for deemed universities which can be reviewed from time to time.

Most of the deemed universities have fee structure considerably higher than that recommended by the official fee structure committees established according to the Supreme Court directives. Many of them created their own fee structure committees to justify the exorbitant fees, according to the
report which have been submitted to the apex court.