Thursday, December 17, 2009

Ton’s not from Batsmen this time

The Srilankan’s tour of India Dec’2009 right from Basic form of the game, to the recent additional forms the runs where not a problem for either sides. The reason behind is neither Hard hitting skills nor his Spirit for the game; so what is the reason behind all this RUN RAIN; we shall discover things as usual.

Right from the start of the tour the fielding standards of both teams were an issue to cry. The most important moment for Srilanka would be the dropped catch of Shewag when team just scored 6 later went on to scored 293; for India it would be drop catch of Tharanga who was returning to the international cricket this drop didn’t cost a match but a close match was witnessed for no reason.

India witnessed no reason breath taking moments in both T20’s and ODI’s because of the drop catches. Even after dropping catches we were able to win a match that is because of our opponent’s misery to but this standard cannot meet great fielding teams like South Africa or Australia.

It is said that Gary Kirsten is taking Indian fielding standards to the next level but he has to realize a thing that even Indian cricketers are not able to fulfilling the current level to satisfactory. Concentrating on drop catch by Virat it is evident that Indian are not ready to take catches as Aussies do, It will be a great turn around if Gary realizes this soon.

Monday, December 7, 2009

What is the difference between scientific hypothisys theory or law?

Hypothisys Theory are those which are assumption's or those which are not proved or hard to prove
for example: Universe is expanding is very second is a hypothesis since there is no good technology now in earth to measure it! and also Definetly it is not small it can be said so. /But "Moon is a satellite of earth" is FACT it needs no experiment to prove.

Law's are those which governs every activity of & in earth.
For example Newton's laws of gravity govern the gravitation motion earth it says every object felt in the atmosphere will tend to reach the ground a soon as possible even thought it is fact that a object left will fall down. IT DOES NOT SPEAK ABOUT PARTICULAR MATERIAL HENCE IT IS LAW